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Import Car Insurance

Bringing a Vehicle in From a Foreign Country? You'll Need Import Car Insurance!

As car enthusiasts, we're in the business of providing specialist and niche motor insurance, including import car insurance for the likes of what the industry call "grey" imports. Because of our expertise and unique policies that you won't find anywhere else, we're able to offer you high quality cover whilst saving you money on your newly cherished import.




Why Do People Need Insurance to Import a Car?

The number of car imports from countries such as Japan has never been higher and it's no surprise really; often the cars have much lower mileage, much higher specifications and a cheaper price tag to-boot. And what's more, because of the popularity of the imports, the process for getting them over here is ridiculously easy. That, unfortunately, is not true when it comes to finding your import car insurance. Often insurance companies charge high fees to cover an import because they believe that sourcing spare parts will be a costly process in any repair jobs that they may incur as part of a claim


Mazda Mx5 Japanese ImportWhy Choose Acorn to Cover for Import Car Insurance ?

Here at Acorn, we are extremely competent at what we do. Just as you might go to a specialist parts dealer if you were upgrading or repairing your grey import, similarly, if you want to get your imported car covered,it makes sense to go with people who do this day in,day out, specialising in what you need, import car insurance.


What is the Best Way to Get a Quote ?

If you have a grey import then it makes sense to give us a call on 01704 270 027. Our guys here at Acorn HQ will be only too happy to assist with any questions you may have about the process of importing a car as we know it may seem a bit tricky.

Our telephone operators are here to provide a streamlined, no obligation service to you and thus guide you through a few questions to allow you to receive a no obligation quote. Doing it this way saves a lot of the time and typically a big chunk of your money which is why we're great! If you'd prefer then simply click the Get a Quote button and fill out the information requested and we'll get back to you with a quote. Import car Insurance - Easily done!

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