Telematics FAQ’s

Telematics FAQ’s

What is a Black Box?

A ‘black box’ is the telematics box we fit to your car, which is fitted out of sight by our fully trained technicians. We use this box to build up a picture of your driving style and give you driving feedback on how you’re doing.


What Data Does the Black Box Record?

The black box installed in your car records speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and mileage of time of usage. We also collect data relating to the type of roads you use and your car's GPS location, this GPS signal may help the police to recover your car if it is stolen.


Can the Black Box be Fitted to All Cars?

Yes, fitting of the box is simple and is fully compatible with the majority of vehicles. The box will be fitted by an approved fitter and generally takes less than an hour. The box will be fitted out of sight.


If I Was Involved in an Accident and the Black Box was Damaged, Would I Have to Pay for Another Box?

We will fit the box out of sight so it’s unlikely that it would be damaged in an accident. However, if the box was damaged then the cost would be covered by the insurance as a part of the repair cost.


When is the Box Installed?

It's installed within the first 10 days of the policy becoming active, but don't worry, you're insured from day one. Fitting can take place Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm. The fitter will come to your home, college, workplace or other convenient location as long as this location is in mainland Britain. See our fitment page.




Can I be insured before the box is installed?

Yes you’re insured from the date you specify you want the policy to start from, even if you haven’t had the box fitted. We’ll contact you the day after you take out a policy to arrange the fitting of the box – which will need to be fitted within the first ten days of your policy starting.


How does my driving data affect my premium?

Using the black box, we build up a picture of your driving style – including your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. This policy and your driving behaviour will not affect the premiums you pay, however poor driving, excess mileage and excessive night time driving may see the insurer invoke their right to cancel the policy.


How is my data used?

We use personal information provided by you to manage your insurance policy. This includes underwriting and handling claims. These activities may involve us releasing personal information to insurers, regulatory authorities or agents providing services on our behalf. Information relating to you and your insurance policy may also be used or shared to help prevent fraud. We may (and we may work with third parties too) check your personal information against data about you and we use this information when calculating your premium (such checks may include credit checking).


How is my data protected?

We understand that you may have concerns over how we will use your driving data and this is something Acorn Insurance takes very seriously.
• We will not release your data to the police or to any civil authorities, unless we suspect fraud or attempted fraud, or if we are required to do so by law or a court order.
• We will not be using your driving data as a 'speed camera'.
• We will use the data to help us identify if another driver is making a false claim against you.
• We will use the data to help us identify if you are making a false claim.


What if I exceed the speed limits?

This device is not intended to be a speed camera. However, persistent speeding or dangerous speeding is likely to result in your insurer invoking their right to cancel.
We would only consider cancelling your policy in extreme cases, and we would normally send you several warnings and try to contact you to help you improve your driving before this would happen. However, driving at unacceptably high speeds will result in the immediate cancellation of your insurance with us.


Are there mileage restrictions on this policy?

Yes this policy has mileage restrictions agreed with you prior to the purchase of the policy. You'll need to estimate how many miles you think you will drive when you take out the policy, this is a limited mileage policy and if you are looking to driver over 9000 miles per year then this policy may not be suitable for you.


Can I earn No Claims Discount (NCD)?

All of our customers can earn NCD in the normal way and this is applied to your insurance premium at renewal.


How do I get my policy documents?

Your policy and other important documents, including your cover note, will be emailed to you once you take out a policy. Your certificate of motor insurance is emailed to you once your box has been fitted.


What if I change my car or cancel the policy?

If you’d like to change your car then you’ll need to call us on 01704 270027 so that we can update your details. When changing your car, the price of your insurance may change and there may be fees applied. If you cancel your policy before the end of the first policy year, a £150 charge will apply to cover the cost of the black box and its fitting. For full details of fees relating to changing your car or cancelling your policy, please see the charges box for full details of chargers along with out terms of business agreement.


What should I do in event of an accident?

Please call 01732 747100. Our Claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How might I recover my car if it’s stolen?

In the event that your car is stolen, you’ll need to obtain a Crime Reference Number from the police and then call us on 01732 747100. We will co-operate with the police to help recover your vehicle.


Are there curfews on this policy?

Whilst there are no curfews on the policy, your policy will restrict the amount of time you are able to drive between the hours of 23:00 till 05:00. If you will drive more than 10% of your total driving time between these hours our policy would not be suitable for your needs.


Driving Feedback

My parents would like to see the information on how I am driving – can I share it with them?

Yes, you can share your driving feedback with anyone. It’s easy to share your feedback – just log in to your ‘My account’ area and go to the ‘Manage account’ section. In here you can send an email inviting your parents to view your driving feedback

What information will I be able to see about my personal driving style?

To help you improve your score you’ll also receive driving messages in each of the 4 key areas.


How can I improve my driving score?

Take a look at your driving messages on a regular basis as these will highlight the areas you can improve in. If we notice a trend of dangerous driving or you get more than urgent message in the same driving category (like speed or night time driving), we may get in touch to talk about your driving. This would include tips on how to improve your driving.


What happens if I drive at unacceptably high speeds?

Acorn Insurance is focused on creating a community of better, safer drivers. We want to provide insurance for all young drivers at a reasonable cost, especially for young drivers who drive well but we cannot condone driving at unacceptably high speeds. Therefore we would try to contact you by phone to tell you we will be cancelling your insurance. We will follow up with a letter confirming cancellation, giving you 7 days notice.


How do you measure speed, acceleration, braking and cornering?

We measure each of the four key driving areas using the GPS and accelerometer data from the black box that we install in your car:


• We measure acceleration (G Force) using the accelerometer in the box. Acceleration is a measure of the rate at which speed changes. For example, if your speed increases rapidly over a short period of time, you will create a higher acceleration than if your speed increases more slowly.

• Braking is similar to acceleration and measures the rate at which your car slows down.

• Cornering measures the rate at which your car goes round a corner. The two main factors that determine the g force generated when cornering are the angle of the corner and the speed at which your car is travelling. For example, the tighter the corner, the slower you should approach and take the corner in order to generate a lower G force.

• We calculate your speed using the GPS signal transmitted from your box: The speed is then compared to our database of speed limits across the country. Any speed identified where your car was travelling fast enough to receive a speeding ticket and points on your license will generate speeding scores.

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