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Black Box FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about telematics insurance.
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Our Most Frequently Asked Question About Black Box Insurance

Do I Need to Wait for the Box to be Installed Before I Can Drive?

No, you will be insured as soon as you take out an insurance policy with us. We will be in touch to arrange a date and time for the box to be fitted, but before it is fitted, you will be fully insured and free to drive.

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Young Drivers Telematics Insurance

Black Box FAQs

What is a Black Box?

A Black Box, also known as a telematics box, is a small device which is fitted inside your car, completely out of sight.

The device records data relating to your speed, mileage and braking distance and feeds this back to a company who are monitoring your overall driving style. This information allows the company to offer you advice on whether you’re speeding or driving in a dangerous way which could affect how much you’re paying for insurance.

With Acorn Insurance’s Young Driver policy, as long as you remain a safe and sensible driver, you’ll continue to get a competitive car insurance policy.

What Data Does the Black Box Record?

The Black Box can record data relating to your speed, acceleration, braking and stopping distance as well as mileage.

The box can also be used as a GPS if your vehicle is stolen.

Can a Black Box Be Fitted to Any Car?

Yes, a telematics device is compatible with most vehicles.

Would I Need to Pay to Replace the Box in the Event of an Accident?

It is unlikely that the box would be damaged in the event of an accident, but the cost, if it were to need to be replaced, would be covered in your insurance policy.

When is the Box Installed?

It is installed within the first 10 days of the policy becoming active, but don’t worry, you’re insured from day one. Fitting can take place Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm. The fitter will come to your home, college, workplace or other convenient location as long as this location is in mainland Britain. See our fitment page.

How Does My Driving Data Affect My Premium?

Using the black box, we build up a picture of your driving style. This includes monitoring your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. This policy and your driving behaviour will not affect the premiums you pay, however poor driving, excess mileage and excessive night time driving may see the insurer invoke their right to cancel the policy.