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Insurance for Motor Trade Mechanics

Mechanic insurance is an essential requirement for all technicians working in the motor trade industry. Whether you have a mechanic’s business that works on cars or commercial vehicles, or a combination of the two, a motor trade mechanic insurance policy is crucial. Acorn’s auto mechanic insurance covers those working from established premises or homes, as well as providing provision for individuals needing mobile mechanic cover.

Do I Need Mechanic Insurance?

If you are in any way involved in the repair and servicing of cars or commercial vehicles for business purposes, you should consider specialist mechanic insurance. You may choose to have this cover in place if you are a professional auto mechanic and are working within a motor trade organisation. It is also worth considering for any individual who is carrying out mechanical maintenance in an expert capacity. As a mechanic, you will encounter day-to-day risk when working, so you will need to have the right kind of cover in place to protect you, especially when carrying out actual mechanical repair work on customers’ vehicles.

For a motor trade business, insurance that is specifically designed for auto-mechanics is a must. This covers both the individual mechanic, as well as the business. Acorn’s mechanic insurance provides cover for when customers’ vehicles need attention from a serviceman.

What is Covered by Our Mechanic Insurance Policy?

A motor trade policy from Acorn can help cover you if a customer’s vehicle is lost or suffers accidental damage while in your care. Similarly, if you were to move a customer’s vehicle that was under your care during maintenance, it is essential that you have mechanic’s insurance in place.

Mechanical Insurance Extras

Depending on the type of mechanic’s business you operate, you may have a requirement for additional cover. You can add the following cover to your mechanic’s policy:

  • Premises Cover – A motor trade policy as standard only covers you for when the vehicles are on the road away from your home or premises (it is Road Risk only). If you wish to cover both your vehicles and your customers’ when they are parked at your premises, for risks such as theft and damage, then additional cover is available.
  • Public Liability Cover – You may also want to consider public liability cover to protect you against personal injury or property damage claims from members of the public in relation to your business.
  • Employer’s Liability – If you have any employees working for you, it is mandatory to have employer’s liability insurance, this covers you against financial loss if an employee were to experience a work-related injury or illness. This addition Insures employers against financial loss, if an employee were to experience a work-related injury or illness.

Whatever type of mechanic’s business you operate, see if Acorn can help. Give Acorn Insurance a call today to see how we could help you with your motor trade business: 01704 33 99 28.

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Your Mechanical Repairer Insurance Policy

When carrying out repairs, service and maintenance for customers’ vehicles, a motor trader needs mechanic business insurance in order to ensure that they are specifically covered for any problems that may arise. These could be issues for which they are potentially liable.

Acorn Insurance can provide a specialist mechanic insurance policy that’s right for you. We also insure mechanics who work from home.