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Young Driver Insurance

Affordable young driver insurance for new, inexperienced drivers

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Young Driver Insurance Quotes

Acorn Insurance Provides Affordable Cover for New Drivers

As a young driver, you will benefit from the following with an Acorn Insurance policy:

✓  Competitive Young Drivers Car Insurance
✓  Free Black Box Installation
✓  Free Theft Tracking if Your Car is Stolen
✓  No Night Time Driving Bans or Curfews

If you’re a young driver, and live in the UK, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to find affordable young driver insurance. At Acorn Insurance, we help newly qualified drivers secure competitive cover.

Statistics have shown that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident on the road, but that doesn’t mean that all young motorists, or newly qualified drivers, are reckless. In fact, many of those who are new to driving are much more careful behind the wheel, and take care when sticking to speed limits. Acorn Insurance take this into consideration, and will endeavour to offer you a fair, affordable young driver insurance policy.

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What Is Black Box Car Insurance

We help young drivers – who are sensible on the road – to save money on their car insurance. We do this with the aid of a little black box, which is fitted to your vehicle and monitors your driving style. This helps us to offer you a competitive, young driver insurance policy. Black box car insurance can help reduce your young driver insurance premium considerably; all we ask in return is that you drive safely, keeping your speed within the lawful limit.

The smart telematics technology inside the black box enables us to monitor your overall driving style and, therefore, offer you a competitive policy based on the way you drive.

If you have managed to drive for over one year without having any accidents on the road, you will also benefit by earning a no-claims bonus.

Re-Defining Young Driver Insurance Premiums

The Black Box is fitted free of charge and is out of sight within your car. It will feed-back data to our insurance team relating to your speed, acceleration, braking distance and overall driving style.

The main factor involved in most serious accidents for young drivers is their speed. Remember, you will always have greater control of your vehicle when you drive in a sensible and safe way.

We use Geo Data to work out the average speed of the road on which you are travelling. This allows us to check that you’re driving within the national speed limits.

For more information about black box car insurance, visit our Black Box FAQ page, or feel free to give us a call: 01704 270 031