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Acorn Attends Sefton Skills Show 2019

Acorn Insurance at Sefton Skills Show The Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Hub recently held a 'Skills Show' event and Acorn Insurance were delighted to be in attendance as an exhibitor. The event gave local Sefton-based businesses the chance to...

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How To Instil Trust In The Motoring Trade Industry

Trust isn’t easily earned and when lost it can be very difficult to get back. It’s vital that you build and maintain trust with new and existing customers to help you grow your business but how does one go about that? Let’s take a look at what...

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5 Things You Need To Know About Car Maintenance

Facebook Twitter Fact... the main reason for car breakdowns in the UK is due to battery failure accounting for 20% of faults.  So what can you do? If you maintain your car on a regular basis you can extend its lifespan, reduce repair work and...

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How to Import a Car from Overseas?

Importing A Car from Inside or Outside the EU Nowadays, importing a car from overseas is common-place. With the world a smaller place and people's increasing propensity to move from place to place, we see many cars crossing our borders...

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Report Touting to the TFL

Touting is when a Private Hire Cab (or Minicab as they are also known), stops to pick up passengers on the street without prior booking. These taxi rides are illegal and dangerous as they are not booked through an operator and...

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