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      Chassis Number Insurance

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      Chassis Insurance Quotes

      Car insurance for vehicles without a UK registration number

      You’ll need vin number insurance (chassis number insurance) if you are finding it difficult to insure a vehicle that you’re importing from outside the UK?

      If you’re importing a car or vehicle into the UK, you’re going to need the right insurance policy in place first. Unlike a standard insurance policy, chassis number insurance uses a vehicle’s identification number, rather than it’s UK licence plate, in order to identify the vehicle and provide a valid insurance policy.

      The Import Car Insurance Problem

      Unfortunately, you can’t legally register a vehicle in the UK without valid insurance, but to take out a standard insurance policy, a company will often ask for your vehicle registration plate. If you don’t have a registration plate, you will often be refused cover and that’s why you need a specialist insurance policy.

      Import a Car with Vin Number Insurance

      Acorn’s chassis number insurance has been designed to insure vehicles that have not yet been registered in the UK. This type of insurance allows you to import a vehicle from outside the UK and register it legally. Instead of using the number plate to base the insurance policy on, Chassis Number Insurance will identify the vehicle using it’s VIN Barcode.

      With an increased demand for imported vehicles, Acorn Insurance now offers a specialist insurance policy for imported vehicles. For a quick and easy quote, get in touch with our team today and see how much you could save with Acorn Insurance.

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      Competitive chassis number insurance from UK leading specialist, Acorn Insurance

      Did you know that the DVLA will not issue a car with a UK registration number unless it is insured first?

      A car can legally be insured based on its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN Barcode) rather than its registration number, but not all insurance companies want to take on this type of policy.

      Affordable Import Car Insurance

      As a specialist insurance provider, Acorn Insurance offers affordable Chassis Number Insurance, for imported vehicles.

      For more information and to get a free quote today, get in touch and see how much you could save with Acorn Insurance.