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Motor trade insurance protects your reputation, equipment and your business
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Specialist Insurance for UK Motor Traders

We take the time to understand your unique motor trader insurance needs, to find you the best deal possible.

We specialise in helping each unique customer, taking into account each individual’s needs for each potential policy. Even if you have been refused cover by other insurance providers, we examine each case specifically; we will endeavour to help you no matter what your driving history or background.

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Non Standard Motor Trade Insurance

Our motor trade insurance policies are designed specifically for companies that require their employees to drive vehicles that do not belong to the company or the employee. These include: a car dealership, an MOT test centre or a garage.

People who work in such industries will need to be insured to drive any vehicle. This means a specific type of motor trade insurance cover is vital for your business.

The major difference between a private motor trade policy and our specialist motor trade insurance is that a private policy only specifies the vehicle and the driver. A motor trade insurance policy, on the other hand, specifies the driver only. This allows you to drive any vehicle for motor trade purposes. You can also choose motor trade road risk insurance which offers similar benefits and the ability to add policy extensions.

We will look into all of factors listed below to help reduce your insurance premium:

  • The make and model of the vehicle(s)
  • The named drivers that need to be added to the policy — age restrictions may apply
  • Your registered business postcode
  • The automotive industry you are operating in
  • Annual mileage breakdown or recovery required
  • Number of years No Claims Bonus

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Our Motor Trade Insurance is perfect for:

  • Car Dealerships – Insurance that extends to your customers and staff during test drives.
  • MOT Test Centres – Insurance to drive a customer’s vehicle to check for faults and other issues relating to your business.
  • Garages – Insurance to move or drive a customer’s vehicle for business purposes.

UK Motor Trader Insurance

A motor trade policy designed especially for UK motor traders just like you!

What is Included in Your Motor Trade Policy?

As specialist motor trade insurers, we allow you to build your trader’s policy depending on what you specifically require for your business. We believe you should only pay for the cover you actually need and do not spend any more money on extras than you have to.

  • 24/7 Accident & claims helpline
  • Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire & Theft; or Third Party Only
  • Glass windscreen cover
  • Third party cover when driving in Europe
  • Bespoke cover, even if you have points on your licence

Optional Extras

  • Key Care – For lost, misplaced or stolen keys (including the cost to have locks replaced if required).
  • Public Liability InsuranceLiability insurance protects you, both legally and financially, from any accident or injury claims made against your motor trade business from the general public. This includes trips, slips and falls on the premises as well as customers’ personal items that may get damaged while on-site.
  • Premises Cover – This insurance covers vehicles parked on your property, for risks such as damage or theft.
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance – If you have employees working for your motor trade business, it is a requirement to have employer liability cover in place.

*All of our policies are subject to terms and conditions so please take the time to read our full terms and conditions before taking out a policy.