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Short Term Taxi Insurance

Flexible and simple – short term taxi insurance, from Acorn.

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Temporary Taxi Insurance Made Easy

Simple short term taxi insurance from specialist UK taxi cover provider, Acorn Insurance.

There is a clear reason as to why we are one of the largest specialist UK taxi insurance providers: it is because we always try to go the extra mile to make our customers’ lives easier by helping to provide you with affordable, yet extensive, taxi driver insurance. From simple and flexible short term taxi insurance policies to affordable annual taxi insurance, we have excellent experience and knowledge of the intricacies concerning the taxi insurance industry.

Acorn Insurance has almost 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. In that time, we have helped an extremely high number of public and private hire drivers get the insurance they need to keep on the move.

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One of the largest UK Temporary Taxi Insurance

We provide short term taxi insurance online, for periods from as little as one week!

Being a taxi driver in the UK often requires sustaining a flexible work/life balance. It could be considered one of the main reasons why driving a cab commercially can be such an attractive prospect. At Acorn Insurance, we believe your public or private hire taxi insurance policy should be as flexible as you are! That is why we offer our customers flexible policies including weekly taxi insurance, monthly taxi insurance and annual cover.

Flexible Short Term Taxi Insurance Policies

We think Taxi insurance should be quick and easy to renew, so this is exactly what we focus on getting right. Often taxi drivers will have a full-time job, as well as driving during the evenings and at weekends. Acorn Insurance offers flexible short term insurance policies from as little as one week to meet the needs of taxi drivers that only need taxi insurance for short periods of time as oppose to paying for an annual policy that is not needed during certain periods. This means paying for your minicab insurance becomes as adaptable as possible to your individual needs.

We even offer short-term, adaptable payment methods that allow our customers to easily renew, or pay & update, their insurance policy in a few simple steps. Customers can choose to renew their policy through our online payment method – tonepay – or by calling our renewal hotline team.

Alternatively, you can simply download our Acorn Taxi App. Get the app now, for free, on IOS and Android devices.

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Public Liability Taxi Cover

We advise all our customers to take out a taxi insurance policy that includes public liability cover. This helps to protect you and your business from any accidents or damage incurred by the passengers, who are under your care.

Without this type of cover in place, you may be at risk of being liable. This is a possibility if a member of the public were to injure themselves in your cab, or they were to suffer any financial loss due to an accident.