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Specialist Insurance for Business Vans

Acorn Insurance is a specialist insurance provider in the UK with over 40 years of industry experience. We help UK business owners secure specialist insurance for their commercial vehicles and vans. Our business vehicle insurance policies have been designed to help protect valuable equipment and products that are either stored in the business vehicle or are being transported for commercial purposes.

Specialist Transit Van Insurance From Acorn

There are a number of factors that may affect how much you pay for your business van insurance policy:

Mileage – This is an expected mileage figure and should be representative of the total distance you expect to travel in that specific van, in a year.

Type of Usage – This is to give us an idea of how you intend to use the company van. What will you be transporting in your company van? If it is likely to be high-value goods then we need to know this. This is so we can determine whether you want to extend your insurance to cover the items you are transporting.

Size – Generally speaking: the smaller the van, the lower the premium. Please be specific and accurate about the business van you are driving.

Excess – Voluntary excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. Predominantly, the higher the voluntary excess you opt for, the lower the premium will be.

No Claims Bonus – If you can prove that you have several years no-claims bonus from a previous insurer, this can help you to reduce your premium. Having a clean sheet, in terms of claims, will help lower your business van insurance premiums, so keep hold of any previous insurer’s paperwork.

We can also protect your no-claims bonus for an added fee. If you make a claim, and you do not have this protection, you will typically lose 2 years from your no-claims bonus.

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Company Van Insurance from Acorn

Acorn specialise in business van insurance and have been active since 1982. We help to insure drivers that might be classed as a higher risk to insure by a standard provider. We are here to help you secure business van insurance, to get you on the road.

By choosing Acorn, we can help you find van insurance that meets your business needs.