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Specialist Fleet cover for three or more Commercial Vehicles on one policy
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Commercial Fleet Policy

At Acorn, our specialist insurance provides cover for own goods and business connections for three or more vehicles under one dedicated policy. If you require cover for a fleet of vehicles, then this is an efficient way to insure all your vehicles at the same time. You can also save effort when it comes to policy renewal by securing the cover you need in a timely manner.

What Types Of Commercial Fleet Insurance Do We Offer?

Our flexible approach means we can consider both established and new venture commercial fleets. We also consider drivers that have claims and/or points on their driving licence. As every business is different, depending on your policy requirements, we offer:

  • A variety of cover periods, ranging from 7 days to annual policies
  • Consideration for various building and construction trades
  • A maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) allowance of 7.5 tonnes
  • Flexible indemnity caps ranging from £40k to £60k
  • 24-hour claims team

The Benefits Of Commercial Fleet Insurance With Acorn

Trying to find the right cover can be a challenge, which is why we offer the following range of benefits:

  • Cover for three or more vehicles on established businesses and five-plus for new ventures
  • Various age restrictions are available
  • Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire & Theft; and Third Party Only policies
  • A dedicated commercial fleet team
  • A UK-based call centre

Commercial Fleet Insurance Quote

Since 1982, we have been providing specialist insurance that is tailored to our customers’ needs. To find out the commercial fleet insurance cost for your vehicles, just complete our short quote form or call our experienced UK-based team on 01704 339 325.

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Enhance Your Policy Cover With Our Optional Extra

Damage can occur to the windscreen of a vehicle at any time, whether that is caused by a stone hitting the glass and causing a chip, or if an incident occurs that results in the glass being shattered. We offer an optional windscreen cover, so in the event of a chip, or glass replacement, you will be covered for the cost.