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UK courier van insurance – protecting both you & your vehicle when delivering cargo
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Acorn provide specialist van courier insurance to UK couriers. We help delivery drivers that might be classed as a ‘higher risk’ find courier van insurance. This includes motorists with driving or non-driving convictions, learner drivers and others who – for whatever reason – might not even be considered by most standard insurers.

UK Courier Van Insurance

Acorn are a specialist provider of courier insurance for vans

A UK van courier can clock up a huge number of miles per week when they are delivering packages back and forth across the country. Travelling distances such as these can affect how much you, as a courier, pay for your insurance. As a specialist insurance provider, Acorn Insurance can help both business owners and couriers secure courier van cover.

Whether you are a sole trader with a single van or a fully-fledged business with a fleet of courier vans and vehicles, it is important that you secure the right insurance policy.

Why Do I Need Courier Insurance?

The difference between standard van insurance and van courier insurance is that a standard policy will not usually cover your goods in transit (cargo). This is obviously an important issue if you are a van courier. If you only have a standard van cover policy, you are financially responsible for any items that might become damaged while they are stored in your vehicle. The same would be true if either your van or the goods being transported, were to be stolen. We offer courier insurance that will cover both you and the goods which you carry.

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Your Courier Van Insurance Policy

It is important to understand what could be insured and covered by Acorn as part of a courier van policy. The following are all offered as optional extras at the point of sale, and can be purchased with your van insurance:

  • Cargo (otherwise known as goods in transit)replacement in the event of damage.
  • Employee liability insuranceto cover medical costs for your employees.
  • Public liability insuranceto cover any expenses incurred should you have an accident that affects a member of the public.

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses are covered as standard with our courier van insurance. Please make sure you read the policy terms for further details.