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If you are selling cars as a sole trader, or trading from premises, Acorn can provide you with a suitable car dealer insurance policy
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Trading motor vehicles can require that you have a specific kind of cover. If you have a motor trade business that deals in used cars, whether they are just a few years old or much older, a car dealer insurance policy is crucial. As a motor trader, it is vital to have car sales insurance that covers your unique situation.

Acorn’s car dealer insurance will cover you if you are working from home or if you trade from business premises – we will make sure that you get the correct policy in place to protect your motor trade business from a multitude of risks.

Do I Need Car Dealer Insurance?

If you are in any way involved in the selling of cars for commercial purposes, you should consider specialist car dealer insurance.

If you operate a car dealer business and drive vehicles associated with this, you are required by law to have road risk insurance as a minimum. As a car dealer, you may also need specialist motor trade cover for different aspects of your business including:

  • Demonstration of Vehicles – Your customers will most likely want to test drive any vehicle before they buy, and standard vehicle insurance cover will not cover you for this.
  • Premises Cover – A motor trade policy as standard only covers you for when the vehicles are on the road away from your home or premises (it is Road Risk only). If you wish to cover your vehicles when they are parked at your premises, for risks such as theft and damage, then additional cover is available.
  • Public Liability Cover – You may also want to consider public liability cover to protect you from any claims from members of the public in relation to your business.
  • Employer’s Liability Cover – If you have any employees working for your car dealer business it is a mandatory requirement to have employer’s liability cover in place.

Acorn’s dedicated motor trade insurance team will take the time to understand your requirements and provide you with the cover that is suited to your business’s unique needs, no matter what type of car dealer business you operate. Having the right vehicle sales insurance policy in place will provide you with the security to operate your business without worry, whether you are a sole trader operating from home, or if you are a larger organisation operating from business premises.

Acorn has a long history of providing insurance to the motor trade industry and our motor trade policies can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring you have the necessary cover in place no matter your circumstances. Whatever type of car dealer you are, we pride ourselves on working with each individual and providing the most beneficial UK car dealer policy for you. Give Acorn a call today to see how we could help you with your car dealer business: 01704 33 99 28

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Specialist Vehicle Sales Insurance

Acorn Insurance also understands that the size of a business is not the only factor when it comes to individuality. Car dealers will also specialise in distinct business ventures. You could be a specialist motor trader dealing with a specific area of motor trade business. You could also be someone who visits auctions frequently, has a passion for cars and is wanting to turn your enthusiasm into a profitable motor trade business.