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Specialist import car insurance for grey import vehicles.
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Acorn is a specialist import car insurance provider

Importing a vehicle from another country? You will need import car insurance.

If you are planning on importing a car from outside the UK, you will need a specialist insurance policy – a policy designed specifically for imported vehicles. Also known as “grey” imports, cars shipped into the UK, from countries such as Japan and America, will be classed as a high risk to standard insurance providers. This is due to the high specifications and modifications of these unique vehicles.

Insurers believe, in the event of a claim, the specialist modifications and foreign parts of the vehicle would be difficult to find. This makes cost an issue if any unique parts of the car had to be replaced. Still, this certainly has not put people off from importing the desirable high-spec vehicles from outside the UK. In fact, importing cars has continued to increase in popularity over the past few years. With this in mind, it is vital that you choose the right specialist insurer for American and Japanese import car insurance.

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The Import Car Insurance Problem

Unfortunately, you cannot legally register a vehicle in the UK without finding valid insurance first; however, in order to take out a standard insurance policy, a company will often ask for your vehicle registration number. If you do not have a registration plate, you will often be refused cover automatically, leading to a problematic situation. This means that you will have to find a specialist insurance policy — something that Acorn Insurance are more than happy to assist with.

Import a car with VIN Number Insurance

VIN refers to a Vehicle Identification Number: a specific number stamped onto the chassis that can be used to identify your car. Acorn’s Chassis Number Insurance has been designed to insure vehicles that have not yet been registered in the UK. This type of insurance allows you to import a vehicle from outside the UK and register it legally. Instead of using the number plate to base the insurance policy on, Chassis Number Insurance identifies the vehicle using its VIN Barcode.

Acorn is a specialist insurance service provider; we can provide the specific import cover to allow you to legally register and insure an imported car in the UK. To find out more about this policy, and to get a niche quote, please give us a call on 01704 33 99 25, or click “Get a Quote”, now.

Import Car Cover

Acorn Insurance specialises in helping customers considered to be high risk to most standard insurance providers. Insuring imported cars can be considered to be a high risk for some providers. We can help to find you specialist insurance, without compromising on the quality of cover available. Our approach is to look at each case on an individual basis, so that you only ever pay for the cover that you need. We make sure that your insurance policy is completely tailored to you.

So if you are planning on importing a vehicle, or if you have already got a car ready to be imported, get in touch with our experienced team of insurance specialists. We have the expertise to help you get an Import Car Insurance Quote.