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What is Black Box Insurance?

Black box insurance or telematics insurance can reward safe driving. Black box insurance is ideal for drivers aged 17-24 years of age, who may be considered a higher risk by insurers due to their lack of motoring experience. The black box device monitors driving behaviour and could reward you with cheaper insurance premiums.

Click here to view the FAQs for a hard-fitted black box device.

Click here to view the FAQs for a self-fitted black box device.

Is Black Box Insurance Worth It?

The information collected by your black box measures how safe you are driving and calculates your renewal premium based on your driving performance. This could lead a cost reduction at the renewal stage for careful drivers.

The additional benefits of black box insurance with Acorn include:

  • Access to a dedicated UK-based call centre
  • Theft tracking if your car is stolen
  • Direct telephone, text, and email alerts
  • Receiving a No Claims Bonus certificate at renewal, if no claims are made

A black box rewards careful and safe drivers. The black box data sets the price of your renewal premium based on driving factors like:

  • Speed — By adhering to the speed limit will make you less of a risk to insurers. Also, by driving sensibly you will have more time to react to potential dangers on the road and reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Mileage — If you exceed your mileage allocation, you will be required to purchase additional miles (subject to the mileage limit allowed under the policy). However, if you do not purchase additional miles, or exceed the mileage limit under the policy, this may result in your policy being cancelled.

Why Choose us for Your Black Box Insurance Quote?

We are specialists in insurance for young drivers and with over 40 years of experience in providing personal vehicle insurance to UK drivers you are in safe hands. If you are considering black box car insurance to see how much you could save, then follow the steps below:

Obtain a quote

You can start a quote online and obtain a figure in minutes. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to our dedicated insurance team please call 01704 339 328.

Purchase the policy

You can buy online or over the phone and once purchased you will receive complete guidance on your black box installation. We will confirm if the device installation is to be carried out by you or with one of our skilled telematics engineers.

Drive with confidence

Once installed you can drive as normal and a member of our young driver insurance team will contact you with any important updates about your driving.

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Black Box Insurance Explained

The policy terms run for 12 months with mileage ranging from 1,000 to 12,000 miles depending on your needs. This is then broken down into a monthly allowance, with your night-time driving allocated 10% of this. If you are concerned about the cost of going over your mileage allowance? Don’t be. At roughly 15p per mile, exceeding your allowance does not cost a fortune and our dedicated young driver insurance agents are on hand to inform you how much you have gone over and how to pay using our simple online payment facility.

Frequently asked questions

Will black box insurance really make a difference to my premium?

Our insurance team will look to reduce the price of your premium at the renewal stage. This will be based on the information they have collected using the black box device. A reduction in premium could be available at the renewal stage if you have: 

  • Driven safely and kept within the speed limits
  • Remained within your mileage allowance provided
  • Driven carefully during the times set out in the policy documents
  • Avoided getting any driving endorsements

You will not receive a reduction of your premium during the initial policy term, however, but having a black box device fitted can allow us to provide a bespoke price at quotation stage and renewal.

Will my insurer track my GPS location?

The black box device fitted to your vehicle is designed to track your location whenever a journey is made. We use this location data to administer your insurance policy in line with the terms and conditions. For example, to assess when and how far you drive your vehicle for mileage and night-time driving, to assess your driving behaviour for speeding, and we may use location data if it is relevant to a claim. We may use also this data to assist you in other ways for example if we believe your vehicle has been in an accident or where it is lost or stolen.

Will a black box restrict where I can drive?

No, a black box insurance policy gives you the freedom to drive wherever you need to. Just make sure you consider your monthly mileage allowance before planning any long-distance trips. Be aware if you regularly exceed your mileage allowance, your insurer could potentially look at cancelling your policy. However, if you have any unused mileage from one month, you will be able to roll this over to the next.

How is the black box secured to protect my data?

The security of your personal data is very important to us. We have worked with our Telematics Providers to ensure both technical and operational security measures are in place to protect your personal data collected by the black box fitted in your vehicle.

How is a black box device fitted?

Depending on the device issued with your policy, this will either be fitted by one of our skilled engineers by appointment or by yourself using the vehicle’s onboard port.

What if I am involved in an accident with black box insurance?

You must report any accidents, claims, or losses of any kind to your insurer within the first 24 hours of the event, regardless of who you think is responsible or to blame. If not reported within this period, your insurer can charge you a late reporting excess as noted in your policy schedule.

What if my car is stolen with telematics insurance?

We can monitor the location of your black box device, which can aid in the recovery of your stolen vehicle. In the unlikely event that your vehicle is stolen, you would still have to pay for your policy.

What if I get a new car and I already have a telematics insurance policy?

Please make sure that you get a quotation from us before purchasing another vehicle, to ensure that we can still offer you insurance. Once we have completed a change of vehicle quotation for you, we will be able to let you know if there is a change in the price of your insurance. You can make up to a maximum of two-vehicle changes on your policy during the policy term.

Can I cancel my telematics insurance policy?

Yes, you can request to cancel at any time. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions for charges that may apply.

Am I covered by telematics insurance if I am abroad?

You must make us aware if you are planning to use your vehicle to travel to other countries. We can then update your policy and issue you with any extra documentation required. The insurance team will also tell you of any changes that may affect your policy. For example, your level of cover will vary depending on where you travel. For further information, please refer to your policy documents.

How long does a black box stay on my car?

The black box device will remain in your vehicle for the time that you are insured with us.

How do I remove a telematics box from my car?

Once your policy term is complete your telematics box will automatically be disconnected. However, if you wish for the fixed device to be removed after the policy term is complete, there will be a third-party charge for removal. Alternatively, if you have a self-fit device, once your policy term is complete, you will need to remove the device from the vehicle yourself. Please refer to your fees and charges document for further information.

What happens if I go over the mileage allowance on a black box insurance policy?

If you go over your mileage allowance, you will be contacted to by a member of our dedicated team who will provide you with the necessary information to pay for the extra miles and discuss any other issues you may have.

Is there a black box curfew?

No, there is no curfew on the black box insurance policy. However, in the nighttime during the hours of 23:00 to 05:00, you are only permitted to drive up to 10% of your monthly mileage allowance.

What happens if I speed with a black box?

We will regularly review your speed throughout the policy term and contact you to discuss any speeding violations. Excessive speeding can ultimately lead to the cancellation of your policy.

Can I drive at night?

Yes, although there is no curfew, we do have restrictions. This will be discussed with you by a member of the insurance team to ensure the policy is suitable for your needs.

Are there any restrictions on how many miles I can drive?

Yes, but this will be discussed with you in-depth by a member of the insurance team to ensure that you have the right mileage on your policy.

What is an OBD port?

The OBD Port, or Onboard Diagnostic Port, is the location where a black box device can be installed and monitors things like mileage, speed, and other data about your car.

What are the benefits of Better Driver by Acorn?

With our app-based policy, if you have a consistently good driving record you could receive a discount at renewal.

How does the device and app work?

Theo is a solar-powered telematics device which monitors your driving behaviour and uploads your to the Better Driver by Acorn app.

Who is the Better Driver by Acorn policy suitable for?

This is for anyone who is looking to improve their driving style throughout a policy cycle and earn a discount at the renewal stage.

How do I buy a Better Driver by Acorn policy?

Policies can be purchased online on our direct website and comparison sites. You can also give our dedicated team a call on 01704 339 328 and speak to one of our sales team to set up your policy

What driving behaviours does the device monitor?

The device and app will monitor your driving behaviour throughout your policy, covering speeding, eco-driving, time of day and duration.

Time of Day

There are certain circumstances which may lower your driving score as there is a greater risk of potential accidents. For example:

  • The period after midnight to the early hours of the morning is the highest risk zone.
  • The midweek commuting periods are also high risk based on the potential number of accidents that can happen, if you are also driving this time at high speeds, this will lower your driving score.

Driving Duration

Trips which involve more than 2 hours continuous driving can greatly increase the risk of serious accidents. This can be caused by things like tiredness and lack of concentration. Your driving score will decrease for every trip that you drive for 2 hours or more.


Your speeding score is based on the number of times your actual speed exceeds the speed limit specified for road types. Exceeding the limit will lower your score regardless, but exceeding on a country lane will bring your score down more than if you were driving on a motorway, for example.

Eco Driving

Eco Driving can be defined in many different ways. We are measuring this by combining certain driving behaviours (forms of acceleration) into a simple score. You score will be determined by three different behaviours:

  • Speeding-up
  • Braking, and
  • Cornering
Can I be insured before my Theo device has been installed?

Yes, you are insured from your policy start date, but you need to make sure your device is fitted within 48 hours of receiving it.

Does an engineer need to install my device?

No, the Theo device is self-installed.

How do I install my device?

Please click the following link for further details on how to install your Theo device.

How private is the data recorded by my device?
By law, we will only use your personal data when we have a legal basis to do so. Our legal basis for processing your personal data, and details of what we use it for, is set out in our Privacy Policy
Is there an additional cost for the device and data?

No, the device and data costs are included within your policy at no additional cost; however, a fee may be applicable if you change your vehicle.

If I have an accident and the device is damaged, do I need to pay for a new one?

The cost of a new device would be classed as a repair cost, which would be covered by your Acorn Insurance policy. If you change your vehicle after a total loss claim, you will need to pay for a new device depending on the outcome of the claim.

Can the device be fitted to all cars?
Yes — please click the following link for installation instructions. The device will sit neatly on your windscreen and has no effect on the operation of your car.
What data does the device and app record?

The device and app record your all of journeys, as well as information about how you have been driving. This includes data on your speed, eco-driving, time of day and duration.

Will I need a new device if I change my vehicle?

No, the Theo device can be removed, and a new cradle will be sent to you to re-install in your new vehicle.

Do I need to charge my device?

No, the device is solar-powered, but should you be required to charge the device we will let you know beforehand.

How do I remove my device from my car?
Please click the link and follow the instructions on how to remove your device from your car.
How do I access the app?

The Better Driver by Acorn app is available in the Google Play/Apple Store. Your handset will be required to have the most up-to-date software version to be compatible with the app.

What type of phone is the device compatible with?

The app is compatible with Android and IOS handsets; however, older handsets are not compatible.

If I change my mobile phone, do I have to re-install the app?
As part of the terms and conditions of your policy, you will need to reinstall the Better Driver by Acorn app.
How do I know if my device is working correctly?

You will be notified if there are any problems with your app and device and will be advised of the next steps.

I have received an email that says my journeys are not being recorded – what do I do?

You will be notified if there are any problems with your app and device.

Do I need to amend any settings on my phone for my Theo Device and app to work?

Your device is completely independent of the app, and neither requires any adjusted settings on your phone. The app is purely a place for you to view your driving behaviours; therefore, you will not need to have Bluetooth or location services switched on and power saving mode will not affect the running of the app or device.

I am going on holiday – Do I need to tell you?

Please inform us before you head off on holiday. This way, we can work with our Telematics Provider to ensure a limited number of communications are sent to you while you’re away.

I have ordered a device, but it has not arrived.

We use Royal Mail 48hr tracked to deliver the device to you. If you still have not received your device, please contact us and we can arrange a new device to be delivered to you.

Where should I put my device?
Please click the link and follow the instructions on how to install your device in your car.