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Data Protection

Important information regarding your data and the protection thereof

Acorn Insurance – Data Protection

This page details our policy for customers’ marketing consent, in relation to GDPR rulings.

Removal of Marketing Consent

Notices informing customers of their right to remove consent for marketing at any time will be posted on our website and included as part of both written and verbal communication with a customer at point of renewal.

All electronic forms of marketing communication will provide the customer the option to unsubscribe from receiving marketing messages.

Customers can also remove their consent by emailing [email protected].

Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd will also consider a customer has withdrawn consent if they actively tell us, either verbally or in writing via any contact point in Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd or if they express dissatisfaction with how we have managed their consent verbally or in writing.

Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd will not consider a none response to a reminder of a customer’s right to withdraw consent as a withdrawal of consent.

Consent granted by a customer that has not renewed their policy but not removed their consent will have deemed to have lapsed after 18 months from inception or 6 months after the customer failed to renew the policy.

Privacy Policy

This document informs you as to how we look after your personal data when you visit our website, and your privacy rights in relation to this. Please click here to review our privacy policy.