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How Can You Save Money on Business Van Insurance?

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With any insurer it is very important to be as accurate as possible with the information you provide them. This is first and foremost because if it is found in the case of a claim that the information you have provided is not accurate, you may not get the compensation you'd hoped for. In our case however, we like you to be as open and honest about your circumstances so that we can work out exactly how we might be able to save you some hard earned cash!


What Might Affect Your Small Van Insurance Premium Quote?

    • Mileage - This is an expected mileage figure and should be representative of the total distance you expect to travel in that specific van in a year.
    • Type of Usage - This is to give us the nature of use that you intend for the van. What will you be transporting in your van? If it is likely to be high value goods then we need to know this so we can determine whether you want to cover "goods in transit"or cargo as it is known.
    • Size - Generally speaking the smaller the van, the lower the premium so be specific and accurate about the van you are driving.
    • Security - If your van benefits from a tracker, alarm or immobiliser then these can all help reduce your premium so do tell us!
    • No Claims Bonus - If you can prove that you have a no claims bonus from a previous insurer then this is a great thing. Having a clean sheet, in terms of claims, will help lower your Business Van Insurance premiums so keep hold of any previous insurers'paperwork. We can protect your no claims bonus for an added fee. If you make a claim and you do not have this protection you will typically lose 2 years off your no claims bonus.
    • Excess - Voluntary excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. Generally speaking the higher the voluntary excess you opt for, the lower the premium.


What is the Best Way to Get a Van Insurance Quote from Acorn?

The quickest and easiest way to receive a SmallĀ Business Van Insurance quote from Acorn is by picking up the phone and giving us a call on 01704 270 004. We actually write a lot of the insurance ourselves, so we can talk to you about your risk circumstances and ask you questions that might save you money...which is sometimes difficult to do on a website.

So yes, give us a call if you can but alternatively you can hit the "get a quote" button and fill out your details here. Because of the specialist nature of our business we may need to give you a call for some clarification on a few points but alternatively you'll quickly see a quote arrive in your email.

Business van insurance doesn't have to be difficult!

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