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Motor Trade Insurance

Who Needs Acorn Motor Trade Insurance?

Working in the motor trade industry requires an insurance policy that covers you over and above domestic use. What you'll be looking for in this instance is a motor trade insurance policy over a standard private car insurance policy. If you own or work in a car dealership, an MOT test centre or any other motoring related business that requires you to drive cars for trade purposes, then you will require extra protection.

We can get you covered in no time at all and the best way to do this is to give our highly trained motor trade insurance professionals a call now on 01704 270 033. Our experts will efficiently guide you through the motor insurance quotes available from our insurers and help you find the right Motor Trade Insurance policy for you.

We take pride in our Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance and Motor Trade Combined Insurance, so whatever your requirements, whether specialist or standard, we have custom levels of cover to enable you to get the best, cheap motor traders insurance for you and your company.

My Motor Trade Insurance Needs are Different

That's fine, we're what's known as a Specialist Car Insurance company which means that we don't just insure the norm. We have a team of trained insurance professionals who look at each individual customers needs to try and save them money whilst getting them the policy they need. They will be able to draw up the motor trade insurance quotes that fits your personal and business needs, so that you have a solid foundation on which to build your business.

What Type of Vehicle Can I Cover in My Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

This can be determined by you but generally speaking, most cars are covered in our motor trade policies. To reduce premiums we look to speak to you directly, to determine your exact needs and establish whether you actually need cover for vehicle types such as sports cars, cherished, high performance or commercial vehicles over 7.5 Ton. If not, we can make sure this cover isn't included in your motor trade insurance policy and so help you save money. This is why we like to speak to you over the phone. Other than this, generally speaking, any vehicle up to a gross weight of 3.5Ton are covered as standard with our policies.


What Factors Will Make a Difference to the Cost of My Motor Trade Insurance?

  • The vehicle category that you wish to be covered for
  • The people or number of people on your motor trade policy

A. Insured only

B.Insured plus additional named drivers

C. Anyone- these policies will typically have restrictions such as, the driver must have had a full UK driving licence for two or more years, must be over the age of 25 and in some cases under the age of 65.

  • Registered business postcode
  • The nature of your business and the approximate annual mileage
  • Additional private car cover included in the policy
  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • Breakdown truck cover
  • Motor trade insurance no claims bonus

There's a fair bit to consider when taking out your Acorn Motor Trade Insurance online so why not give us a call now for some free advice? Call 01704 270033 and speak to our specialist motor trade team now.


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