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Young Driver Insurance

Finding Affordable Young Driver Insurance

We understand for a young driver finding an affordable insurance policy is no easy task, Acorn Insurance can help.

Acorn Insurance will offer you an affordable premium and give you the chance to show how well young people can drive.

Statistics have shown that younger drivers do have more accidents, but that does not mean all young drivers are reckless and poor drivers. If you choose to work with us, we will offer you a non-gimmick approach to sensible driving that can drastically reduce your Insurance costs. All we ask in return is that you drive safely, keep your speed within the law and don’t drive unnecessarily at night.


Seeing the Individual, Not the Statistics

You will also benefit by earning a no claims bonus if you have no accidents and have the ability to track your driving performance online.
At Acorn, we see the individual, not the statistic. This means, we aim to work with you to understand your needs, without dictating how you drive or providing a product that limits your freedom.

Introducing, Acorn Protect - Telematics for Young Drivers

Acorn Protect is our telematics insurance product, otherwise known as black box insurance.
How does it work?

After getting a quote, you will be contacted by one of our friendly advisors to help you decide if this policy is right for you. They will guide you through the details and help calculate what mileage option is best for you.

Acorn Protect Mileage Options

young driver insurance checklist

We offer the following annual mileage options:

  • 3000 miles
  • 6000 miles
  • 9000 miles



Frequently Asked Questions



Why Different Mileage Options?

Well, just like your phone, the more you drive the more you pay, so for insurance the more time spent driving the greater the chance of an accident.

We will help you monitor your mileage and contact you if we think you will go over your mileage allowance.

Unfortunately, some of the most serious accidents happen at night. So we ask you to not drive unnecessarily at night. We understand that you will need to use your car at night from time to time but if you enjoy driving round the streets at night with all your friends, then this policy is not for you!

Monitoring Your Speed

The main indication of serious accidents for young drivers is speed. So that’s what we monitor. Remember, you will always have greater control of your vehicle at lower speeds.

young driver speed awareness

We use Geo Data to work out the average speed of the road on which you are travelling. This indicates to us how safely you are handling your vehicle. We will help you prove you are a safe driver by providing you with scores on how you drive.

If we think your driving is dangerous, we will let you know.


What is Included in Your Insurance Package?

  • Affordable Insurance
  • Free theft tracking if your car is stolen
  • No night-time driving bans
  • Inclusive price, which includes installation


Acorn Protect is designed to monitor your driving style and help you become a better driver by reducing mileage, speed and night time driving, if you are conscious of all these areas then this is policy for you!


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