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If you have been denied car insurance by a standard provider, Acorn Insurance can help to offer you an affordable and competitive policy. Often when a standard insurance company declines, cancels or refuses to offer you cover, they fail to provide a valid reason as to why. This can be very frustrating because you are left to guess why you might be considered a high-risk to insure.

Our refused car insurance page might be able to shed some light on why you have been declined or refused cover.

“Why Have I Been Denied Car Insurance Coverage?”

Nearly half of the UK population go online when searching for competitive car insurance. It is almost standard practice to go straight to the insurance price comparison websites to get a quick quote online from a range of providers, but for a non-standard, high-risk driver, this can be a waste of time. Many specialist insurance companies need to take the time to understand your individual level of risk, in order to offer you a competitive policy, so they will not always appear on these sites. It is worth speaking to a specialist insurance provider – like Acorn Insurance – who have the experience to help offer you an affordable high-risk insurance policy.

Come to Acorn If You Have Been Declined Car Insurance

Acorn Insurance is a specialist car insurance broker and this means that we can offer high-risk, non-standard drivers competitive cover, when most standard insurance providers will refuse or decline cover.

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Non-Standard Car Insurance

Have you been refused car insurance? Do not worry, we specialise in helping people just like you find cost-effective motor insurance.

Did you know that a standard insurance company will often base their risk assessment on your age, gender, marital status, address, occupation and experience. Some occupations will be deemed too high of a risk to insure, so you will not be offered cover. Your choice of car or vehicle can also class you as a high risk driver. This can be especially true if you choose to drive a high-performance, powerful sports car with limited experience.

Reasons why you might have been refused car insurance in the past:

  • You have been convicted of a driving offence in the past.
  • Your car has modifications.
  • Your car has been imported.
  • You are a learner driver or young driver.
  • You live in a high-risk area of the UK.

We can help you find an affordable car policy, even when you have been denied insurance by another provider.