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With effect from 08th June 2015, your licence counterpart will not be accepted by the DVLA, any motoring offences will not be added to your counterpart. Instead any points and offence details will be added and kept in an electronic format in the form of an ‘on line’ database.
To enable us to obtain your licence summary we require you to generate a unique code. Please see below details of how you can obtain this code.
1. Go to: www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

2. Enter your driver number, National Insurance number and the postcode shown on your current driving licence:


3. When you have read the privacy notice and click on the ‘View now’ button at the bottom of the page.

4. You will now be able to view your driving licence information. To share your driving licence with another person, select the “Share your licence information” tab (highlighted in red below).


5. Click on the ‘Create a code’ button.


6. You will now be shown a check code which is case sensitive. Pass this check code onto whoever needs to view your driving licence. You will also need to provide them with the last 8 characters of your driving licence number. The check code is valid for 21 days and can only be used once. You can also download a summary of your driving licence by selecting ‘View, print or save your licence information’.