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      Minibus Insurance Quotes

      Competitive and affordable commercial minibus insurance from Acorn

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      Affordable Minibus Insurance

      Acorn have been specialist insurance experts since 1981. With over 30 years of experience, we help drivers with convictions, learner drivers, and other drivers that might be refused insurance by standard providers.

      We will help you obtain a competitive, affordable minibus insurance policy; one that won’t ‘break the bank’. When you contact us, we will deliberately tailor the policy to suit your precise needs.

      Acorn Insurance always endeavour to make the price as modest as possible. Trust our valuable industry experience and find out how much you could save on your minibus taxi policy with Acorn Insurance.

      Minibus Insurance

      Competitive minibus insurance for UK drivers

      Specialist insurance from Acorn

      As a specialist UK insurance provider, Acorn Insurance offers both personal and commercial use minibus insurance. Our commercial insurance policies offer cover for vehicles with as little as 6 seats, up to as large as a 12 seater minibus. We provide competitive cover for both you and your minibus passengers.

      Minibus Taxis

      Acorn’s Commercial Use Minibus Insurance

      If you want to use your minibus as a taxi – picking up passengers for commercial gain – you’ll need to take out specialist minibus insurance: a policy that will protect you legally and financially.

      When using your vehicle as a minibus taxi, you become responsible for the well-being of your passengers while they’re on board. This means if you don’t have the right insurance in place – and you become involved in an accident – you are at risk of being held both legally and financially responsible. This also includes responsibility for any injuries incurred by passengers inside, and near to, your minibus. In some cases this also includes any damage to their belongings. For further advice, and to obtain your competitive insurance policy, speak to our experts today.

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      Factors Affecting Your Minibus Insurance Quote

      Make sure you consider these factors before requesting a quote over the phone, as they can affect how much you pay for your minibus insurance policy:

      • How much do you want to pay for voluntary excess?
      • Where do you keep your minibus when not in use?
      • What is your expected annual mileage?
      • Have you got an alarm fitting within your minibus?
      • Do you have any additional qualifications or no claims bonuses that could help reduce the premium?