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Convicted Driver Car Insurance

Affordable car insurance even with a conviction

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Convicted Driver Insurance

We provide cover when standard insurers refuse, decline or class you as high risk

If you’ve got a couple of points on your licence or you’ve been caught drink driving in the past, car insurance can now be a very expensive business.  As you may well have experienced, trying to find a competitive car insurance policy after a conviction, with a standard insurance provider is difficult, to say the least. That’s where Acorn Insurance is different. We believe that you deserve a competitive car insurance policy that gives you the opportunity to get back on the road and correct your driving style for good.

If you’ve been refused car insurance due to a conviction, not only is this annoying but for some people, it can mean losing their job, their house and in some cases their families, especially if you drive for a living.

At Acorn Insurance, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand each and every customer’s unique needs and situation. Unlike a standard insurance provider, we will listen and do everything we can to help offer you a car insurance policy that is affordable and meets your needs.

Convicted drivers are always considered a high risk to a standard insurance provider, but we know that not all convicted drivers will re-offend and that’s why we offer Convicted Driver Insurance that won’t break the bank.

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Struggling to find cover? Speak to Acorn

At Acorn Insurance, we focus on specialist areas of car insurance that standard providers will often refuse to cover. Our specialist Convicted Driver Insurance policy has been designed to help drivers with convictions or points on their licence, secure a competitive car insurance policy.

We understand that not all convicted drivers will continue to break the law and drive in a dangerous way. With this in mind, we try to help drivers with both driving and criminal convictions find affordable insurance that gives them the opportunity to change their driving style for good.

By choosing an insurance specialist like us, you can find a high-quality insurance policy that meets your individual needs and requirements.