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Best Cars to Take to Music Festivals

Are you wondering what the best cars to take to music festivals are? Arguably, the best way to travel to one in style is a private jet. However, if that is a bit out of your price range, driving might be the next best option! Glastonbury and Radio 1’s Big Weekend are among the most popular festivals with millennials. If you are thinking of attending either of these this year, it might be worth considering your transport options. If you have an interest in which are the best cars to take to music festivals, read on!

Furthermore, with UK festivals having notoriously harsh weather, you might be glad to have your warm car. It could provide some respite on the drive home, as opposed to busy public transport or a coach! 

If you are wondering which car might be best suited, we at Acorn have put together this handy guide. This will explain the best cars to take to music festivals and which to take to the big event. There are lots of aspects to consider when driving to a music festival.  

Best Cars to Take to Music Festivals 

Here are our top picks of car models best equipped for the music festival experience: 

  • Land Rover Discovery — As an off-roader, a Land Rover may be a great option for when the rain inevitably arrives at a UK festival. Rain can mean that car parks at music festivals can turn into mud baths, and this car may be just the type to withstand that. The car also has good storage capacity, so if you want to take food, beer, tents or a change of clothes you have plenty of space to load this in. 
  • Volkswagen Polo — This car is not an off-roader, so would be best parked offsite and not in a field. However, the nifty 1.2 litre engine will help you through the music festival traffic. The Polo is also great for fuel efficiency and if you are travelling in small numbers. 
  • Suzuki Celario — Music festivals are not usually associated with glamour, but with lots of mud and rain. So, this no-thrills vehicle might be the perfect little runaround to get you to and from the music festival. The small engine makes it more fuel efficient, with good interior space. This is an excellent choice for people on a budget. 

Pros and cons of bringing a car to a Music Festival 

It is important to consider the pros and cons when deciding whether to drive to a music festival. Here is our useful list to help you weigh up the options: 


  • Ease — If you are taking a car, you eliminate the need to heave around your bags and tent on public transport, such as trains and buses. When taking a car, you only need to carry them once you have arrived. Moreover, you may need to plan less in advance, only having to consider parking as opposed to potentially having to book trains or coaches months prior. 
  • Flexibility — Choosing to drive to a music festival means that you can work around your own schedule. You can leave when you want to (to an extent), instead of having to wait for a pre-booked mode of public transport. 
  • Enjoyable — If you prepare your car well, namely filling up your car with plenty of fuel before setting off and planning your route in advance, the car journey to the music festival can be an enjoyable part of the experience — especially if you are in the company of friends. 
  • Accommodation —Driving to a festival means you do not have to rely on a local B&B or hotel to stay in, which could be costly and make the experience more expensive. 


  • Reduced concentration — After a few days camping with little to no sleep, it is important to make sure you are well-rested before the potentially long drive home. If you feel this may not be achievable, perhaps consider public transportation instead, to reduce the risk of collisions due to reduced concentration. 
  • Traffic — Most music festivals advise you to leave as early as possible to avoid traffic jams, which can occur. If you are looking to drive, this is something to consider. 
  • Parking — Music festival parking incurs an additional charge to the price of the music festival ticket and can be expensive. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that the car parks can be a few miles from the campsite. You may be left having to walk a fair distance after you have parked. 

Key Music Festival dates 

The highly anticipated return to the UK festival season will kick off in spring, going right through until the end of summer. Expect Lots of variety and excitement, with plenty for everyone – no matter your music taste! Here are the key dates of the most popular festivals: 

  • Glastonbury — June 21-25: With the headliner confirmed as Elton John, and tickets being snapped up in a flash, it is safe to say that ‘Glasto’ could be the place to be this summer. 
  • Boardmasters — August 9-13: This five-day beach party in Newquay, which originally began as a UK surfers’ competition, has grown to be one of the most sought-after tickets of the music festival season. If you are planning to bring a surfboard along, a car might just be the way to travel! 
  • Boomtown — August 9-13: One of the most surreal music festivals on the list, you can expect actors and props from this five-day Drum and Bass spectacle. 
  • Reading and Leeds — August 25-27: These dual-running events, which are among the biggest on the UK calendar, are a rite of passage for music festival-goers in the UK. 

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