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Best Practices for Tidy Taxi Drivers

If you’re looking to flip your cab from drab to fab, then you need our best practices for tidy taxi drivers! Acorn understands the importance of regularly cleaning your vehicle. Did you know an unclean interior could be breeding millions of germs and bacteria? These germs can cause food poisoning, skin disorders, nausea, or damage to your immune system.

As a taxi driver, your car is your livelihood. You therefore need to keep it clean and attractive, so customers feel relaxed during their journey. In an age when a pungent pee-yew leads to bad reviews, it’s valuable to know the hygiene basics. We, therefore, provide this handy guide to keeping your taxi tidy.

Benefits of a clean cab for taxi drivers

Taxi drivers play a vital role in providing safe and reliable transportation for passengers. However, there is more to being a taxi driver than just driving from one destination to another. One of the essential aspects of being a taxi driver is maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for both you and your passengers. Keep these points in mind when potentially cleaning your taxi:

  • A dirty or smudged windscreen, wing mirror, and rear-view mirror can obstruct your view, making it difficult to see the road and other road users. This can lead to accidents.
  • Dirt, debris, and excess baggage can increase your vehicle’s total weight making it harder to drive and increasing your fuel consumption.
  • A clean taxi not only makes the ride more enjoyable for passengers but also leaves a positive impression. This can potentially result in positive reviews and increased bookings.
  • The Highway Code states it is essential for drivers to have an unobstructed view while driving. Failure to maintain this can result in a fine of up to £2,500, three penalty points on the driver’s license, or even a permanent ban!

How often should you clean your taxi?

Unfortunately, taxis require frequent cleaning. This is because they are exposed to more dirt, dust, and germs and are used for long-distance journeys. Since they are frequently parked in public places, they are also more likely to accumulate dirt and suffer damage to their exterior.

It’s important to note that taxi drivers and their vehicles are more susceptible to germs, which can easily be transmitted to passengers. It’s crucial to clean taxis regularly to avoid the accumulation and spread of germs. This will ensure a safe and healthy environment for both you and your passengers.

Quick cleaning tips for taxi drivers

Taxi cleaning does not have to be a hassle. Regular small tasks can reduce the need for larger maintenance. Some easy wins to ensure a tidy taxi include:

Exterior: Wash your car regularly with simple soap and water. Also, consider using wax to protect your paintwork from the elements.

Interior: Vacuum and wipe down the interior regularly. Wet wipes and a normal hoover are sufficient.

Sanitise: Clean surfaces with antibacterial wipes and remove floor mats and wash them with antibacterial soap and water when possible.

Litter: Remove any rubbish from your car immediately. Check under and between the seats if possible.

Pets: Clean up after your passenger’s pets! Pet hair can be a potential allergen, so remove it as soon as possible.

Fresh ideas for a clean taxi

Here’s some extra suggestions for taxi drivers to keep their cab sparkling! 

Travel light: Remove personal belongings from your taxi before and after each shift.

Better out than in: Have a freshening aerosol spray available in case of “unexpected” odours.

Bin there, done that: Keep a small bin/carrier bag in the passenger seat footwell for rubbish and empty it often.

Nose their stuff: Use mild fragrances in your vehicle. No one wants to be overpowered by a smelly taxi and leave the vehicle smelling of Caribbean Colada.

Scrubs up well: Have your car professionally cleaned and valeted once every quarter to maintain the appearance and performance of your taxi.

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