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Europe’s Biggest Party is Coming to Liverpool!

With over 200 million viewers every year, Eurovision is one of the world’s favourite song contests. This year all eyes are on Liverpool, as the city hosts the song contest on behalf of last year’s winners: Ukraine. With a rich legacy of music and culture, Liverpool is the ideal setting for a musical party of this size. Eurovision is expected to bring in an extra 100,000 visitors to Liverpool in May 2023.   

Organisers expect the event will have a £25 million impact on the local economy. How can you optimise your share of the forecasted boost in revenue? We’ve put together a guide for you to get “douze points” from Liverpool’s Eurovision visitor economy. So, grab your glitter, put on your face paint, and read on for ideas to make the most of the festivities for your business.  

What does Eurovision mean for the city region’s private and public hire taxi drivers? According to predictions by PredictHQ, spending on the day of the Eurovision final alone could be over £715,000, with transportation making up over £100,000 of that!  

Here are our top takeaways to help you boost your earnings during Eurovision.  

Be the life of the party  

Liverpool knows how to throw a party. Eurovision celebrations will take place across the city from 1 May to 14 May. Up to 100,000 people will be visiting from out of town and will rely on transport to get around the city. Consider what you can do to make your vehicle more attractive to potential customers. 

Eurovision is all about big parties. Instead of taking riders to their destinations, why not be the destination? Turn your ride into a party on wheels!  

Decorate your vehicle with the flags of the participating countries and a mini glitter ball. Put some fun Eurovision photo props in the passenger seats for your customers to take selfies in the back of your party wagon. Custom seat and floor covers can add character to your car while protecting your interior from glitter, face paint, and spills.  

Keep the party mood going with our Eurovision playlist, curated especially for private hire drivers like you! If you want to go over the top in true Eurovision spirit, you could install a karaoke machine for your passengers to sing along to their favourite anthems from over the years.  

Go where the people are  

Liverpool’s Eurovision festivities are ever evolving. Keep your finger on the pulse so you can make the most of the extra activity. You may find you need to adjust your schedule for the week of the event, create an action plan and prepare your calendar. Importantly, make sure you’re still making time for your health and well-being during this time.  

To establish the most effective strategy for your business during Eurovision, it’s helpful to understand tourism trends across the city. Look at tendencies such as where visitors are travelling from and which areas they’re most likely to book accommodation in. This will help you plan your potentially perfect location in which to base yourself at relevant times to gain the most customers.  

According to visitor data, the most popular hotels amongst Eurovision tourists are The Resident, The Pullman Hotel, The Titanic Hotel, and The Hope Street Hotel. Many events are happening in these areas during the competition as well.  

Keep an eye on big dates and events with large ticket sales. There are events with huge crowds outside of the M&S Bank Arena. The Big Eurovision Welcome Party at St. George’s Hall on 7 May sold out a whopping 30,000 tickets. The Eurovision Village will boast celebrity appearances, musical performances, and a special area Discover Ukraine, which will be celebrating Ukrainian culture, arts, and food. With all this projected activity, organisers are expecting up to 15,000 people at the fan village every night from Friday 5th to Sunday 14th of May. Club nights are also expected to draw in thousands of revelers until as late as 6:00 am at venues such as Concert Square, Camp & Furnace, and Fusion on Fleet Street.  

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there will be plenty of visitors to the city looking for a ride to and from the huge calendar of events.  

Key Dates for Eurovision Liverpool 2023  

Official Eurovision performances will begin Monday 7th May at the M&S Bank Arena. The semifinals will take place on Tuesday 9th May at 21:00 and Thursday 11th May at 21:00. The Grand Final will take place on Saturday,13th May at 21:00.  

There are plenty of exciting happenings in the city besides the main events. From watch parties to club nights, from the Baltic Triangle to the North Docks, the city is expected to be a hive of activity. Below are some events which are expected to draw huge crowds. Add them to your work diary or go enjoy them with your friends and family.  

Big Eurovision Welcome Party  

  • 30,000 tickets sold  
  • Where: St George’s Hall, St George’s Pl, Liverpool L1 1JJ  
  • When: Sunday 7th May  


  • Where: Camp & Furnace, 67 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BY  
  • When: 5 May-13 May 21:00-04:00  


  • Where: Fusion, 17 Fleet St, Liverpool L1 4AR  
  • When: 8 May-13 May 21:30-06:00  

Douze Points  

  • Where: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BP  
  • When: 12 May   

Eurovision Village  

  • Where: Pier head Liverpool L3 1DP
  • When: 5 May-13 May   

Are you planning to work during Eurovision, or still making your mind up? Request a quote today!  

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