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Our Top Ten 3.5-Ton Tipper Trucks

From fleet managers to individual truckers our Top Ten 3.5-ton tipper trucks guide could help you choose a new vehicle. The global tipper trucks market is expected to expand annually by 8.6% up to 2025 reaching £60.1 billion by 2027. Indeed, in 2020, tipper trucks were one of the most common types of heavy goods vehicles. This was evidenced by some 40,200 licensed units sold in the UK alone.

At Acorn Insurance, we understand how important it is to get the right vehicle and insurance policy for your business. From lone couriers to a convoy of tippers, we want our customers to be well educated. With over 40 years of experience providing commercial vehicle insurance, check out this useful and informative guide below.

What is a tipper truck?

Firstly, a tipper truck is a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) with an articulated dump body or bed at the rear of the vehicle. Referred to as dump trucks in the US, tipper trucks are used in many industries but most notably in construction. Their large capacity dump bed allows materials to be transported quickly and efficiently. Tipper trucks can lift a variety of heavy-duty materials such as asphalt, gravel, and sand in bulk safely to their destination. Additionally, other benefits include:

  • Wide range of choices: Tippers come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the job at hand.
  • Agility as standard: Even fully loaded a tipper can provide pinpoint accuracy when depositing a load.
  • Deliver goods directly: Dropping off or picking up has never been easier with a tipper allowing you direct access to your worksite.
  • Efficient and economical: Hiring a tipper costs a lot less than the manpower required to shift materials manually. Many new models offer greater eco-friendly fuel economy too!
  • Transport goods easily: Let the tipper do the heavy lifting with its large load capacity and versatile bed sizes.

Emergency tip replacement

Acorn Insurance only insures small tipper trucks, up to 3.5 tonnes and below. Be aware that it is an offence to carry more than the weight allowance of your tipper truck! If authorities feel the excess weight could affect the safety of other road users this could mean a fine, court summons, and being forbidden to continue your journey.

It is important to know your vehicle specifications upfront before purchase to ensure you have the most success in your tipper truck activities. With that in mind, here are our top ten tipper trucks (in no particular order) available in the UK:

10. Ford Transit VFS 1,064KG

This lightweight tipper has an Aluminium VFS tipper bed making it easier to control than rivals on the market. Its solid build affords tremendous versatility with the option to tip left, right, and rear in sites where access points are limited.

9. Vauxhall Movan Scattolini 1,122kg

Utilising a super light chassis but extremely heavy tipping gear, the payload of the Vauxhall Movan is limited to just 1,122kg. It boasts, however, a genuinely impressive 50-degree or 5-stage tilt as standard! Engine size can be specified at purchase and there is a choice of a short or long wheelbase. 

8. Iveco Daily Ingimex Tipper 1,130 kg

The Ingimex tipper is a premium-strength powerhouse with a market-leading payload capacity. Tested to the toughest European standards, it comes fitted with an array of features and can be easily adapted to allow further modifications making this customisable tipper unique to every driver.

7. Volkswagen Crafter Ingimex Tipper 1,206kg

The rear-wheel drive Volkswagen Crafter is a heavy hitter with a 3.5-ton top-tier payload. The weight of the 1,794kg unladen chassis and the 500kg body give a total kerb weight of 2,294kg, which leaves 1,206kg for payload.

6. Nissan NV400 Scattolini Tipper 1,227kg

With just a 2.3-litre engine size available from Nissan as standard, you can specify a longer wheelbase if desired. Offering a very competitive product in both pricing and performance, the lightweight chassis is weighed down by the heavy 587kg tipper body, giving a total payload of 1,227kg.

5. Citroen Relay Tipmaster 1,235kg

Practicality and an impressive payload make this “Ready to Run” conversion a favourite with drivers. Its spacious cab, standard equipment, and fuel economy also make this a top tipper to consider.

4. Fiat Ducato VFS Scattolini 1,250kg

A Fiat guaranteed tipper provides peace of mind as standard. Available in three different options, Fiat has been providing quality tipper trucks for over 35 years. Whatever the job, Fiat has over 10,000 available versions to tackle the task at hand.

3. Renault Master Scattolini 1,349kg

Better suited for highway maintenance or the building trade rather than the site clean-up or scrap collection, Renault has included a lockable toolbox between the cab wall and bodywork for extra security. With industry comparisons of the new master Tipper to a large wheelbarrow rather than a truck, it possesses a sturdy and well-thought-out design.

2. Peugeot Boxer 1,635kg

An exceptionally high payload means this tipper is ideal for heavy burdens to and from the worksite, whilst its robust steel platform boasts a tail-board and under-floor lifting mechanism that is a very useful and welcome addition to a tipper in this class.

1. Mercedes Benz Sprinter 1,785kg

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is generally recognised as the market leader, and this is especially true when it comes to tipper trucks. They may not sell as many as their competitors, but the quality you get for your investment means your tipper will keep trucking long after others have hit the scrap heap. Always consider whether the cheapest in the short term necessarily translates to the cheapest tipper in the long term. With high reliability and low total cost of ownership coupled with impressive durability, we think that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1.785 truly deserves its seat at the top of the class!

For further top tips, insure with Acorn!

We are commercial vehicle insurance experts and have been since 1982. We help commercial drivers, such as tipper truck owners, that might be classed as a ‘higher risk’ find courier van insurance. This includes motorists with driving or non-driving convictions.

Whether you are a sole trader with a single van or a fully-fledged business with a fleet of vehicles, you must secure the right insurance policy to suit your needs.

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