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Repairing or replacing your windscreen

Are you considering repairing or replacing your windscreen? It’s important to know that if you don’t repair a damaged windscreen, you could be fined up to £2,500 and receive three penalty points on your license. Furthermore, a chip of 10mm and above on the driver’s side could lead to your car failing its MOT. With 1 in 10 drivers admitting to avoiding windscreen repair or replacement, many drivers may want to avoid the cost involved. This could be especially true during the current cost-of-living crisis.

As specialist insurance providers since 1982, Acorn understands that incidents such as this can be a genuine inconvenience. We, therefore, provide this handy guide with important considerations for drivers of all ages.

Reasons for repairing or replacing your windscreen

Between October and December 2022, 405,595 cars had visibility issues when checked during an MOT according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Various factors can cause damage to your car’s windscreen:

  • Loose stones or debris from road construction and passing trucks can potentially cause damage.
  • Adverse weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or hail, can create chips by blowing debris towards your vehcile.
  • Collisions with animals such as deer or birds can generate enough force to shatter or crack the windscreen.
  • Temperature changes can lead to small cracks appearing on the glass due to expansion and contraction.
  • Windscreen wipers can damage the glass if they are worn down and their metal edge begins to scratch the surface when they are activated.

Dangers of a cracked or damaged windscreen

Maintaining the condition of your vehicle’s windscreen is essential. More than just sheltering you from the wind and rain, a windscreen plays a crucial role in providing clear vision while driving. When damaged, it can obstruct your view, making it difficult to detect approaching traffic and other hazards on the road.

Even minor scratches and chips can worsen glare and dazzle from the sun and other car headlights. Other important considerations include:

  • In the event of a front-end collision, a cracked windshield will not be able to withstand the impact and potentially endanger the lives of passengers. It’s also important to wear your seatbelt in case of an accident, as being ejected from the car through a damaged windscreen can be fatal.
  • If your windshield has cracks, it’s more likely to shatter in the event of a collision or impact. This could potentially fill the vehicle with razor sharp shards causing severe injuries to everyone inside the car.
  • Vehicle airbags rely on the windshield to provide a stable surface for inflation towards the passengers. However, if damaged, the force of the airbag deployment could cause your windscreen to shatter resulting in further serious injury.

Be smart, say no to crack!

Windscreen cracks and chips are one of the most common problems for car owners. Therefore, windscreen damage should be repaired as soon as it occurs to avoid further damage and cost. At Acorn, we will replace or repair damage to your vehicle’s windscreen or windows (excluding sunroofs, detachable hardtops, and panoramic roofs), subject to an excess for replacement or repair. For further information on Endorsements, please consult the policy documents you are issued following purchase.  

In the unfortunate event that you need windscreen repair or replacement, please call Auto Windscreens direct on 0345 0920703 or click here to make a claim. Any claim relating to your vehicle’s windscreen or windows will not affect your No Claims Discount.

Looking for insurance with Windscreen Cover as standard?

Leave repairing or replacing your windscreen to the experts! With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Acorn is well-established. We specialise in helping those who may have previous claims, driving convictions, or points on their licence. This also includes motorists with driving or non-driving convictions. If you are looking for a “smashing” insurance quote, our car insurance is a hassle-free, no-obligation quotation way to join Acorn Insurance today!

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