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Should Blue Collar Workers Have Specialist Insurance

What is a blue collar worker?

A blue collar worker can be defined as a person in the workforce who may carry out more practical work, such as manual labour. Often these workers are compensated by the instead of receiving an annual salary. Types of work typically associated with the term include construction, manufacturing and mining. Perceptions of the past associated with blue collar workers are evolving; blue collar workers can now command high salaries because their work is highly skilled, and they are educated workers.

Do Blue Collar Workers Need Specialist Insurance?

As many blue collar workers rely heavily on their vehicles for their profession, a specialized policy can provide comprehensive coverage that caters to their unique needs and risks. At  Acorn, we provide specialist commercial vehicle insurance which can be exceptionally beneficial for blue-collar workers. This type of insurance can offer greater protection against accidents and theft whilst also providing extra perks like coverage for tools and equipment stored inside the vehicle. In addition, specialized policies also may have more flexible payment plans and offer cheaper rates. Ultimately, opting for specialized commercial vehicle insurance can provide blue-collar workers with greater peace of mind and financial security. We also offer key care, which can be integral if your vehicle is your livelihood.

Blue collar employees might be skilled or unskilled, waged or salaried: neither of these factors are included in the definition of a blue collar job. It does suggest that workers are likely to perform tasks that can cause their clothing to become soiled with grime or muck. Historically, when compared to “white collar” employees, these workers wore darker clothing or clothing that was more resistant to the increased wear and tear of physical labour, such as blue denim, which is where the term “blue collar” originated. If using their vehicle for work, blue collar workers will require commercial vehicle insurance to carry out their work.

The rising number of blue collar workers in the UK

Since Brexit and the pandemic, there has been a notable increase in blue collar workers’ wages, due to firms finding it more challenging to find workers. Arguably, workers such as lorry drivers are finally getting the recognition they deserve, as they have been seen earning almost as much as the average barrister in a year. This is due to a shortage of people available to drive them. The blue collar openings have been seen to recover much faster than white collar roles.

Roles that are considered to be white collar include:

  • Teacher/Teaching Assistant — The purpose of a teacher is to inspire, motivate, and encourage students. Any age and any background can be learners. Teaching assistants aid teachers and encourage student learning and social growth both within and outside of the classroom.
  • Director/Manager — Company directors or managers guide a business and its people using their skills and general knowledge. They could manage human resources, plan and coordinate staffing, and assess how well the company performs against various objectives.
  • Sales Assistant — Greeting clients and operating cash registers are the responsibilities of a sales assistant, who also assists customers in locating everything they want inside the business. The sales assistant will assist consumers in locating whatever items they require, whether it be clothing, footwear, or cosmetics.
  • Lawyers — Anyone who has a license and is qualified to offer legal counsel or represent clients in court is referred to as a lawyer. Solicitors, attorneys, and chartered legal executives are included.
  • Accountants — Account management duties include establishing trusting connections with clients, contacting important corporate decision-makers, and creating sales reports.

Jobs and Industries considered to be blue collar

Blue collar workers can either be employed or self-employed. The individual can make the decision to join a company already carrying out the same type of work, or work for themselves. Some blue collar worker jobs include:

  • Plumber  Plumbers’ primary responsibilities include installing, maintaining, and repairing pipes in all kinds of constructions, including joins, valves, drains, and fittings. The typical paths involve taking a college course or working as an apprentice.
  • Mechanic — A mechanic may construct, assemble, test, and fix mechanical devices or parts in accordance with specifications. There are several employment opportunities available to mechanics. Mechanics can either work for a local mechanic or a dealership.
  • Electrician — Electrical systems and parts, such as fuses, lights, and wiring, must be installed, maintained, and improved by electricians. Depending on the path chosen, obtaining a complete qualification may take up to four years.
  • HGV driver — Drivers of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) move cargo from one place to another. They transport goods locally, nationally, and worldwide for clients and suppliers.
  • Factory Worker/Packer — Workers known as packers pack goods into crates and boxes for delivery at factories and warehouses.

Typically, blue collar jobs do not require higher education, and qualifications for these can be obtained through college. Often obtained through apprenticeships, these courses tend to be more vocational and open to a wider reach of people.

Do you know which insurance is best for you? Whether you are using your vehicle for the school run or for transporting your tools, check out our handy guide below:
IncludedNot Included
Social, Domestic and PleasureLeisure I.e., shopping, school runCommuting to work, using vehicle for business tools
CommutingLeisure and commuting to one place of workCommuting to multiple places of work, using vehicle for business tools
Personal Business UseWork related driving, travelling to clientsTransportation of tools, courier services

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