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Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle

If you drive an EV then our Top 10 Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle is for you! Did you know that by the end of August 2023, there were approximately 850,000 fully electric vehicles on UK roads and a further 530,000 plug-in hybrids on UK roads? Owning an electric vehicle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on fuel.

Acorn Insurance understands the period of adjustment required when owning an electric vehicle. Though all cars require regular maintenance, certain elements of maintaining your electric vehicle require special attention. We hope you find our Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle useful, but bear in mind that some tips may vary depending on your make and model.

Why are electric vehicles so popular?

Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity on British roads in recent years, and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to owning and driving an electric vehicle. These benefits include:

Environmentally friendly – Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which means you can drive them without contributing to air pollution. This is a significant advantage, especially in densely populated areas like London where air quality is a major concern.

Cheaper running costs – At the time of writing, electricity is less expensive than fossil fuels. Additionally, electric vehicles require less maintenance than standard petrol/diesel vehicles, which could save you even more money in the long run.

Becoming more affordable – As technology improves and production costs decrease, the price of electric vehicles is coming down. This means more people can afford electric vehicles and enjoy the associated benefits.

Quieter than regular vehicles – EVs produce very little noise, which means you can drive them without contributing to noise pollution in your area. If you spend extended time driving or live in a quiet area, this is perfect.

Our Top 10 Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips

As mentioned above, when driving an electric vehicle there will be a relative period of adjustment depending on your level of experience. We hope that whether you are a newcomer to the EV scene or a veteran eco-driver you find the below useful. Our tips in no particular order include:

1. Battery Maintenance Checks

To ensure your electric vehicle runs smoothly, it’s crucial to regularly check its battery. This is especially important if your car operates on a lithium-ion pack. Battery check-ups can help extend the battery’s lifespan and prevent potential issues. Fortunately, there are commercially available battery test packs that measure the state of charge, voltage, and temperature of your EV’s battery. These tests can also identify any damage or failures. With proper maintenance, most EV batteries can easily surpass 100,000 miles.

2. EV Charging Station Maintenance

Home chargers for electric cars require little maintenance, but many homeowners forget to maintain them at all. Regular EV charge station maintenance is vital to ensure you can always charge your vehicle as desired and avoid potential mechanic repair bills. In this regard always remember to:

  • Clean the unit, and if located outside install a cover.
  • Inspect and store charge cables correctly.
  • Regularly monitor your charger’s performance.

3. Coolant System Maintenance

Electric vehicles usually come equipped with thermal management or cooling systems to regulate temperatures and reduce strain on the battery. These systems are crucial in maintaining the battery’s optimal temperature, which enhances its overall longevity and rechargeability. Therefore, it is essential to include a regular check-up of the coolant system in your EV’s maintenance routine.

4. Wheel Balance

If you experience pulling or shaking, especially at higher speeds, consider getting your wheels balanced. An annual balance will improve electric vehicle range and reduce tyre tread wear, ultimately increasing your tyres’ lifespan.

5. Brake Fluid Change

Your electric car is reliant on two main fluids: coolant and brake fluid. While the brakes on an EV tend to last a long time, it is essential to regularly check the brake fluid. Topping off the brake fluid can prevent premature brake system failure, which can be expensive to repair.

6. Tyre Rotations

As electric vehicles don’t follow the traditions of regular vehicles, keep up with tyre rotation recommendations as per your owner manual. Typically, the interval between tyre rotations is between 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

7. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Efficiency, performance, and comfort all fall under the topic of air conditioning maintenance. If your air conditioning isn’t performing as it should, it could indicate a potential system leak. Leave this to the professionals, it should take a competent mechanic no more than an hour and cost between £50-100 to fix.

8. Air Filter Replacement

To maintain performance and reduce pollutant intake be sure to replace air filters regularly. These are generally about as cheap to replace as on a conventional vehicle. They should ideally be swapped out every 2-3 years or 30,000 miles. HEPA filters may be able to go even longer between replacements.

9. Windscreen Wiper Fluid

Aside from avoiding a potential fine and points for dangerous driving, windscreen wiper fluid keeps the washer fluid pump lubricated. If the pump is not filled with fluid, it could corrode, leak, and stop working altogether. Its reservoir will need filling every 5000 to 10,000 miles to maintain optimum performance.

10. Wash Your Undercarriage

Road salt, oil, and other harmful chemicals can damage the undercarriage of your vehicle. This undercarriage has drainage holes that can become blocked or restricted due to road residue. A car wash can reach the places where a car owner cannot. This can prevent issues such as rust from forming, which can be catastrophic for an electric vehicle. It is worth taking your EV car for a car wash every 2-3 weeks to maintain performance and protect the paintwork.

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