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Behind the Wheel: Understanding Fleet Insurance Policies

Fleet insurance, a fleet policy, covers multiple vehicles owned by the same business under a single umbrella policy. Instead of insuring each car individually, fleet insurance simplifies administration and can often reduce premium costs. Did you know that if you have a fleet of 50 or more vehicles, your company could benefit from free Government DVLA fleet schemes? These are designed to help deal with the managerial burden of maintaining your fleet of vehicles.

At Acorn, we understand that you may be a new business or a small fleet owner seeking information about expanding your fleet and, ultimately, your business. There are many factors to consider, as well as potential pitfalls that can catch the unwary or uninformed. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand fleet insurance, the different levels of coverage available, and important considerations to keep in mind before purchasing your policy.

What is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for a group of vehicles under a single policy. Fleet insurance is commonly used by businesses that offer delivery services or transportation services or any business that uses multiple vehicles for its operations. For business owners, fleet insurance offers several benefits:

  • It can be more cost-effective than insuring each vehicle individually, offering potential business savings.
  • By consolidating multiple vehicles under one policy, you can simplify the insurance process making it easier to manage.
  • Fleet insurance provides flexibility by allowing businesses to add or remove vehicles from the policy as their fleet changes subject to the conditions of the policy.
  • Fleet insurance is a practical and economical choice for business owners looking to protect their vehicles and minimise insurance-related complexities efficiently.

Key Benefits of Fleet Insurance:

  1. Convenience: One renewal date and a single premium can make managing your fleet insurance easier.
  2. Flexibility: Our fleet policies cover various vehicle types, including cars and vans with a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) allowance of 7.5 tonnes.
  3. Risk management: Fleet insurance can provide businesses with peace of mind. In the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances, having all vehicles covered under a single policy can simplify the claims process and ensure consistent coverage across the entire fleet.
  4. Added features and benefits: Our fleet insurance policies include additional features and benefits specifically designed for businesses, such as coverage for goods in transit, breakdown assistance, and a flexible indemnity cap ranging from £40k to £60k. These extra benefits can provide comprehensive protection for vehicles and business operations.
  5. Professional image: Fleet insurance shows clients, partners, and employees that the business takes its operations seriously and is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of safety and reliability.

Top Tips for UK Fleet Owners

Prioritise Safety: Be proactive when it comes to the safety of your fleet. Implement safety measures such as using hands-free devices, driver behaviour monitoring apps, and in-cab cameras. Waiting until an accident occurs can be much more expensive than investing in preventive safety solutions.

Streamline Vehicle Maintenance: Simplify fleet vehicle maintenance by making it easy and accessible. Use cloud-based fleet management software with mobile accessibility to schedule routine inspections, automate service reminders, and generate electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (eDVIRs). Keeping up with maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your vehicles.

Guidelines for Vehicle Purchasing and Disposal: Set consistent guidelines for fleet vehicle purchasing and disposal. Without clear guidelines, different departments and locations may buy vehicles as needed, leading to inefficiencies. Consider bulk purchasing and determine the optimal time/mileage for selling vehicles to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Go Electric or Ultra Low Emission: Transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) or ultra-low emission vehicles is crucial. If you can’t immediately switch to EVs, start planning for the transition. The UK government has set a deadline of 2030 for phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles, so explore your options and consider extended waiting times for EVs.

Scheduled Maintenance and Preventive Checks: Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your fleet vehicles. Regular preventive checks by drivers help identify signs of wear and tear early, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring optimal performance.

Fleet Insurance Key Considerations:

Our fleet insurance covers three or more vehicles on established businesses and five-plus for new ventures. Whether you have a small or large fleet, Acorn Insurance can help get you the cover you need.

Types of Cover:

  • Comprehensive: Provides complete coverage for your fleet, including accidental damage.
  • Third-Party, Fire & Theft: Adds protection against fire and theft.
  • Third-Party Only: Covers damage to others but not your vehicles.

From potential cost savings and administrative efficiency to coverage options and additional benefits, fleet insurance is a valuable investment for companies that rely on multiple vehicles to support their operations. Businesses can mitigate risk, save time and ensure comprehensive protection for their valuable assets by choosing Acorn fleet insurance.

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