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Van insurance brokers who will consider you, no matter what your driving history.

40 Years of Experience and Strong Relationships with Van Insurance Brokers

We value the brokers that have helped build our business and ensure that we remain a bespoke and specialist insurer.

Van insurance brokers are a critical part of the insurance industry. Unlike the actual insurers, a broker sits between the insurer – also known as the underwriter – and the insured. This setup allows the insurers to do business with many insurance brokers and vice versa. This process works best for all involved and keeps our offering bespoke and tailored to you.

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Starting out in 1982, we have 40 years of insurance industry experience and have learned a lot about every aspect of insurance and underwriting. Our insurers are very important to us because, without them, we would not have been able to grow our successful business, year-on-year. We are loyal to our brokers and value the special relationships that we have built over the past couple of decades. These relationships allow us to offer our customers bespoke rates and premiums, which are fair for the industry.

Commercial Van Insurance For Drivers With Non-Standard Circumstances

Our insurance policies can cover a number of different commercial vehicle uses. However, we also specialise in providing this type of insurance to tradesmen with convictions, whether they be motoring or otherwise. We also, provide specialist company van insurance to those with more traditional needs.

Acorn Insurance are the van insurance brokers of choice, preferred by thousands of van drivers across the UK. Get a quote today and see how much you could save with us.

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Van Insurance Brokers

How does Acorn Insurance make their van policies as personalised as possible for the customer?

Excess – when collecting quotes you can change the amount of excess you pay in the event of a claim. Note: motor trade excess is fixed at £500.

Security – is your van fitted with an alarm or immobiliser? Does it have a tracker?

NCB (No Claims Bonus) – The more you have of these the better!

Van Type – Big vans are typically more expensive to insure than smaller vans.

Mileage – The less mileage you do on the roads, statistically, the less likely you are to need to make a claim. However, it is not wise to manipulate this, as there are ways of checking how much mileage you do per year.

Use – are you using the van to carry personal belongings, commercial goods, or both?

Postcode – some postcodes have a higher risk profile than others.