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Chassis Number Insurance

Chassis Number Insurance Based on a VIN Number

There are many reasons why a car may not have a valid UK registration number, yet most UK insurers will not issue a policy unless it has a valid UK registration plate. These days a car can be insured based on its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also known as its chassis number.

Vin Barcode

The DVLA will not register a car with a new registration unless it is insured. This means many people find themselves in the age old chicken and egg situation so let's take a look first at some of the circumstances that might mean a driver needs chassis number insurance:



  • Importing a car - as is becoming ever more┬ápopular with UK drivers, the appeal of importing a car from a country like Japan means better equipment and engine specifications and because of the way cars are always part exchanged over there, people look after them and so they are typically in good condition. This coupled with the ease of importing these days' makes it a number one reason for needing chassis number insurance. See our top ten grey imports for what''s hot on the foreign market!
  • Returning from overseas - with the world becoming ever smaller, people are emigrating, returning, road tripping etc. Despite the high numbers of people leaving the UK, there are still many people coming into the UK; either migrating back or immigrating to the UK from overseas. These people may have a foreign car which again will need some sort of cover when bringing it into the UK.


What is the Best Way to Get a Quote to Insure Your Car Based on it's VIN Number?

If you think you need chassis number insurance cover to import your car then give us a call on 01704 270 027. Because we're specialist underwriters we don't just apply a blanket policy, we like to speak to you so that we can tailor your policy to your exact needs.

We only employ insurance professionals, not pushy sales people so we can guide you steadily and efficiently through the process to offer you a no obligation quote. Doing it this way saves a lot of the time and typically a big chunk of your money which is why we're great!

If you'd prefer then simply click the Get a Quote button and fill out the information requested and we'll get back to you with a chassis number insurance quote.


Not Sure Where the VIN Number is?

Take a look at Car MD's page on where to find it.

Also, see a related news article on VIN insurance; the alternative way of talking about chassis number insurance.

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