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Cheap Japanese Car Insurance

Is There Any Such Thing as Cheap Japanese Car Insurance?

Importing a car is something that is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially from Japan. The so called grey imports are usually very well looked after and the Japanese take great pride in them knowing that their resale value is very much dependent on the condition of the car when they come to sell it.

The Part Exchange Market in Japan is Huge Because of Two Reasons:

1) The government has a 10-year lifecycle policy for all cars on the road in Japan. Anything past this is deemed inefficient, dirty and un-ecological.

2) The specifications of Japanese cars are much higher than the equivalent models bought and sold here in the UK market.

Makes Sense!

So if the cars themselves are high spec, looked after and mustn't be driven, there isn't much else to be said as to why they are desirable to us over here.

Japanese Cars and Insurance

Unfortunately when it comes to finding cheap Japanese car insurance however, there are not many people putting themselves forward for it. Because of the variation in specification, it is often difficult for spare part and repairs to be made which puts companies off.

Here at Acorn we've been helping people find cheap Japanese car insurance for a good number of years now so we've got the contacts and the know how to fix your car if such an incident should take place, without having to hit the driver with a hefty premium.


Last year we ran a study into the top ten grey imports which makes for an interesting read.

Did you know that another name for what we're calling cheap Japanese car insurance is chassis number insurance? When it is imported, it has to be insured based on the vehicle identification number.

So get in touch today and see how cheap we can make your Japanese car insurance!

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