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Taxi drivers that regularly take children to school are legally liable for the child until care has been handed over to the school. This means that whilst the child is in your vehicle, or even during the short period of time when they leave the vehicle and approach the school gates, you are liable for their safety. Public liability taxi insurance is required if you deal with council or local authority contracts in order to protect yourself and your business in the event of an accident involving your passenger.




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Why Additional Public Liability Taxi Insurance is Important

Standard motor-trade or taxi insurance will not protect you legally if you regularly take young children to school. In the eyes of the law, from the moment a parent puts their child in your taxi, until you see them safely through the school gates, you are legally responsible for their well-being and safety. This means that if the child was to be hit by a car when crossing over the road after getting out of your vehicle, you may be liable for that particular accident. Public Liability Taxi Insurance protects you and your business from any unforeseen circumstances or accidents, involving passengers in your care.

If you currently have or are looking to take on work such as this, it is your legal and moral responsibility to take out public liability insurance for your taxi in addition to your normal Taxi Insurance policy. Regardless of whether you have any council contract work, in a time of liability and compensation claims, it pays to be covered.

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