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Refused Car Insurance

Have You Ever Been Refused Car Insurance?

Getting insurance these days can be a real drag. With annoying viral adverts screaming at you from the TV saying "they're the best", "we're the best", it can be difficult when deciding where to go. Once there, you spend a good few hours going back and forth through the form to make sure everything is correct, 'because you know what these insurance companies are like' So you get to the end and you click and hope to see your lovely green for go premium of pennies and then you're declined car insurance. It's no wonder insurance companies aren't exactly at the top of peoples Christmas card list.





So What Are the Reasons for Being Refused?

Often when you are declined, there is no valid reason given which is even more frustrating because you're left to guess and feeling like you are inadequate for their business. Not a nice place to be. Sometimes you can call them to find out but still, there is no guarantee, even if you speak to them, that they will cover you. Our refused car insurance page might be able to shed some light on why you have been declined cover.

These days, nearly half of the UK population go online when looking for car insurance and they often visit one of the big insurance aggregators. These are great for the majority of people but the systems that these sites use run a blanket policy over anyone that enters their details on their system. Unfortunately, sometimes, if you are deemed a "non standard risk"then the whole task may have been carried out in vein.


Refused car insurance

There are two main reasons making you a "non standard risk" these being you, the person being insured to drive and your car.

When it comes to you, the insurance company assign a risk to you based on details such as your age, gender, marital status, address, occupation etc. Many occupations will exclude you from the quoting process and simply give you the message that you have been declined car insurance. When it comes to your car, each car is assigned an insurance group from 1 to 20. 20 is the highest risk and is typically associated with extremely fast, high performance sports cars we see on the roads today. Some insurance companies won't go anywhere near the higher insurance categories because this is simply not the business they are after. If you modify your car in any way or have some sort of specialist alteration to your car then these categories are greyed and again, insurance companies may deem the risk to be unquantifiable and again, they may not quote.

Here are is a brief summary list of reasons why you may have been refused car insurance in the past:

  • If you have been convicted of a driving offence in the past  -convicted driver insurance
  • If you have made any modifications to your car - modified car insurance
  • If your car is a grey import - import car insurance
  • If you are a learner driver - short term learner driver insurance
  • Your postcode - it is a fact of life that you may find you are refused car insurance because of where you live. Not really fair!


Why Speak to Acorn if You Have Been Declined Car Insurance?

Acorn are a specialist car insurance broker who do not just insure any car. In fact we will turn down business that most typical insurance companies would happily cover and that is because we are not able to be competitive in this way. We understand that just because you are driving a high performance or modified car, does not mean to say for definite that you are a high risk. In fact, our take on it is that you are probably more likely to cherish the car more than most and tale extra special care of it. We understand that people who have had convictions such as Drink Driving in the past are not necessarily going to get back out on the road and do it again and we're willing to help you get back on the road.

Acorn do not put your details into a computer and spit out an answer based on an algorithm; for each enquiry our underwriters cast their eye over details related to the car and the person and generate a risk and fee, based on their view of the situation.


What's the Best Way to Get a Quote if I've Been Refused Cover?

If you have been refused car insurance then give us a call on 01704 270 027, we don't just apply a blanket policy, we like to speak to you so that we can tailor your policy to your exact needs.

We only employ insurance professionals, not pushy sales people so we can guide you steadily and efficiently through the process to offer you a no obligation quote. Doing it this way saves a lot of the time and typically a big chunk of your money which is why we're great! If you'd prefer then simply click the Get a Quote button and fill out the information requested and we'll get back to you with a quote.

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