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Britain’s Cheapest Car

What is Britain’s cheapest car and how much is it?

For nearly the same price as a pair of racing stripes on a Ferrari, or gleaming white paint on a Maserati, the all new Dacia Sandero is ‘Britain’s cheapest car’ and could be all yours for just £6,995. With credentials such as the ‘What Car Car of the Year 2018 – Best Small Car Less Than £12000’, the Dacia is not to be ignored.

Standard Dacia Access Specification:

  • Hill Start Assist
  • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • 15″ Tarkine wheel rims
  • Front electric windows

The more expensive model, the Dacia Laureate

The top of the range model of the new Sandero is called the Laureate and is available for £8,795. The Laureate ad is packed full of modern equipment including:

  • Body coloured bumpers
  • Manual air conditioning
  • DAB/FM/AM Radio
  • 15″ Lassen wheel trims
  • Touchscreen multimedia system (Sat Nav, Traffic Info, smartphone voice recognition)
  • Rear parking sensors

What makes Dacia different?

Dacia suggested that they always manage to sell such “temptingly” priced cars and still they manage to make a massive profit on them. What is their secret? And how do they make such cost effective cars?

Well according to Dacia they use the simplest ideas to keep the cost down, even down to using the same windows for every single car in their fleet. However, Dacia suggested that even though their prices are effective, they are known around the world for their unique quality and outstanding reliability and ensure their cars are “strong” to cope with adverse weather conditions from Brazil to Russia.

A Dacia spokesman stated “From humble beginnings, the Romanian brand has gone from strength to strength since Renault bought it in 1999 and transformed its fortunes. For the last eight years in a row it has been the fastest-growing automotive brand in Europe, rising from under 5,000 sales in 2004 to shifting a mighty 350,000 last year. And the final piece of the jigsaw is the UK.”