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Home Insurance: Your Summer Safeguard

As the summer sun brightens our days, it’s crucial not to overlook the safety of your most significant investment: your home. This comprehensive guide from Acorn Insurance will explore practical steps to protect your home during the summer, focusing on Home Insurance considerations and safety measures.

Why Home Insurance Matters in Summer

1. Unoccupied Properties

Did you know that burglaries drastically increase during the warmer months, particularly in summer? Most standard Home Insurance policies won’t cover your property if it remains unoccupied for more than 30 days. Whether you’re jetting off on an extended holiday or undergoing renovations, ensure your Home Insurance protects your property during these periods.

2. Preparing Your Home for a Summer Break

Before you embark on your holiday:

  • Take a moment to review your Home Insurance policy documents.
  • Ensure the applicable terms and conditions cover all your valued possessions and remain valid during your time away.
  • Consider any exclusions that might affect your coverage, especially if you plan to be away for an extended period. If you have a house-sitter look after your home, notify your insurer to maintain coverage continuity.

3. Business as Usual

Burglars often target vacant homes. It is essential to create the illusion that your house is still occupied.

  • Cancel regular deliveries like milk and newspapers.
  • Leave some curtains and blinds open during the day.
  • Ask a neighbour to keep your letterbox and doorstep free from newspapers, junk mail, and post.
  • Consider Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service to hold letters and parcels until your return.

4. A Really Bright Idea

Criminals prefer to operate after dark as there are typically fewer people around to intervene, and they will be less identifiable.

Install a light on a timer switch or use photosensitive bulbs that activate at dusk. Ensure any security lights are fully operational. You can also consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to enhance community vigilance against burglary.

Securing Your Home: Common Entry Points and Vulnerabilities

While everyone enjoys opening windows during hot weather, it’s crucial to consider different entry points and implement suitable security measures to safeguard your property throughout the summer.

Forced Entry:

  • Door Kick-Ins: Burglars forcefully kick open doors, especially if they are weak or poorly secured.
  • Window Smashing: Breaking windows to gain access, particularly ground-floor windows or those hidden from view.
  • Crowbar or Pry Bar: Using tools like crowbars to force open doors or windows.

Opportunistic Entry:

Unlocked Doors and Windows: Burglars take advantage of unlocked doors or windows, especially when people leave them open in warm weather.

Letterbox Fishing: In recent times, inserting tools through the letterbox to manipulate locks or retrieve keys left near the door has become a favoured criminal method.

Sophisticated Techniques:

  • Lock Bumping: Using specially crafted keys to manipulate pin tumbler locks silently.
  • Lock Snapping: Targeting vulnerable euro cylinder locks by snapping them with force.
  • Drilling Locks: Drilling out lock cylinders to disable them.

Points of Entry:

  • Front and Back Doors: The most common entry points. They should be reinforced with sturdy locks, deadbolts, and strike plates.
  • Ground-Floor Windows: Easily accessible and often targeted. Install window locks and reinforce frames.
  • Basement and Garage Doors: Often overlooked but can be vulnerable. Secure them adequately.
  • Sliding Patio Doors: Ensure they have anti-lift devices and strong locks.

Remember, investing in robust security measures, such as quality locks, alarms, and motion-sensor lighting, can significantly reduce the risk of burglary. Stay vigilant and protect your home! 

Acorn Insurance: Your Home Insurance Partner

With over five years of experience, Acorn Household Insurance can help protect your property with a building and contents policy. We specialise in assisting UK homeowners and tenants in finding home insurance that is right for them, even when they previously refused household insurance. Our range of household cover options include:

  • Homes at Risk of Flood
  • Properties with a History of Subsidence
  • Unoccupied Properties
  • Probate/Executor of an Estate
  • Landlord OR Tenant
  • Renovation (£20,000 contract limit)
  • Building an Extension
  • Personal History and Previous Claims Insurance
  • UK Holiday or Second Home

If you are worried about your homes security this summer, contact Acorn Insurance today for a hassle-free, no-obligation Home Insurance quote.

Remember, home insurance protects your belongings and provides peace of mind. We’re here to safeguard your home so you can enjoy your summer.

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