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Why buy a 7 Day Taxi Insurance Policy?

Are you wondering why you would buy a 7 day taxi insurance policy? Did you know there were approximately 260,700 licensed taxis and PHVs in England at the end of March 2022? This is an increase of 3.8% since 2021. 7 day taxi insurance policies offer a variety of benefits for existing drivers, as well as those looking to give taxi driving a try.

With over 40 years of experience, Acorn Insurance would like to help you get the most from your taxi insurance policy. Depending on your circumstances, you may be considering a 7 day taxi insurance for a variety of reasons. We have put together this handy guide on the reasons and potential benefits of taking out a weekly taxi insurance policy.

Reasons to buy a 7 day taxi insurance policy

A 7 day taxi insurance policy is a great option for drivers who are considering taxi driving as a career move or need temporary cover between policies. They are a short-term commitment compared to annual policies and adapt to your unique requirements. Other reasons to consider a weekly taxi insurance policy include:

  • Be your own boss: You may find yourself between jobs or looking to create additional earnings whilst looking for your next career. Taxi driving is ideal for this as it gives you the freedom to work around your schedule whilst maximising earnings potential.
  • Top up your income: If you need to increase your income, taxi driving can be an ideal way to do this as a second occupation. Alternatively, if your circumstances change, such as, a new family member, the pressure of increased cost of living or other personal circumstances have changed then a 7 day taxi insurance policy allows you to generate additional income to accommodate unforeseen emergencies.
  • Interim Employment: If you are already driving as a fast-food courier, for example, a 7 day taxi insurance policy allows you to take advantage of surge times and seasonality trends. If you already drive a vehicle for work, this will add variety to your job and allow you to generate additional income throughout the year.

Benefits of a 7 day taxi insurance policy from Acorn

If you are looking for a flexible, convenient way to get taxi insurance, then a 7 day policy from Acorn Insurance may be a good option for you. The benefits of this type of policy include:

Convenience: Acorn Insurance makes it hassle-free to take out a 7 day taxi insurance policy with our dedicated taxi team. You can get a weekly taxi insurance policy online or over the phone and start driving right away. This is an ideal minimal-risk, low-cost entry point to taxi driving for those considering it as a career.

Peace of mind: One of the great benefits of the 7 day policy is that it can be renewed automatically with CCA (Continuous payment). This means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to renew your policy every week. Instead, your payment will be automatically deducted from your account on a weekly basis, and your coverage will be renewed without interruption.

Flexibility: Acorn Insurance understands that driving a private hire vehicle or Hackney cab may not be your only means of earning a living. It may also be the case that you only want to work part-time as a taxi driver. Our 7 day taxi insurance policies allow you greater flexibility when insuring your vehicle, making sure you have the right cover, when you want it.

Our taxi app puts you in control

Our Taxi App puts you in the driver’s seat, with convenience and efficiency built in as standard. You can manage your taxi policy on the go allowing you to:

  • Update driver/vehicle details
  • Change badge type/operating area
  • Update cover level
  • Make a claim

Whether you need a taxi insurance quote, to renew your policy, or provide proof of insurance documents, it is all at your fingertips. Without the need to make a phone call, please feel free to download our Taxi App today!

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As specialist providers of taxi insurance, we have been established since 1982 and are one of the leading providers in the UK.

We also specialise in helping those who may have previous claims, driving convictions, or points on their licence. Click here for a weekly taxi insurance policy quote with Acorn Insurance!

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